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Masters Programs in USA

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There are many higher education courses in USA but prominent amongst them are the various types of masters programs in USA. Students who wish to study a higher education course in USA can get many options in the master’s category, but which type of master is best suited for someone? Why that particular master course? And what about funding in USA for masters?

Let’s find out.

Masters programs in USA

Masters programs across the universities of USA are divided into 2 categories namely Academic Masters and Professional masters. The reason for having 2 different masters programs is to accommodate the different career goals of students. Academic Masters is ideal for students who wish to pursue a Ph.D. or other academics oriented professions, while professional masters are suitable for students who wish to take up a career in the industry.

This distinction brings with it different curriculum but the core essence of research and practical work is maintained in both masters. In addition to this both public and private universities offer a wide variety of master’s related courses to choose from such as MBA: Master of Business Administration, Master’s in Engineering, Master’s in Management, Master’s in Tourism and Hospitality, Master’s in Computing, Master’s in Accounting, MPA: Master of Public Administration, Master’s in Nutrition, Master’s in Criminal Justice etc.

From this, small list students can easily gauge the variety of Masters programs in USA available for selection.

Funding in USA for masters

Higher education courses in USA charge heavy fees. Especially private university fees can go very high as compared with public universities. But students who wish to pursue a master’s in USA can reduce their fees by a huge fraction or even fully get it funded for free by using alternative sources of funding in USA for masters. Such sources are namely tuition waivers, where students can reduce their tuition fees ( a major component of cost of studies) up to 2/3 of the original fees, scholarships, and campus jobs.

Tuition waivers are offered by the university on the basis of academic, financial and other factors. Scholarships are available to students who have a good academic record or have applied through certain competitions or schemes. Lastly, fellowships are also available especially in private universities where students can even get their full fees covered by the university.

In addition to the above masters, students can fund their cost of higher education courses in USA through assistantship or campus jobs where for providing assistance either in a research project or at a firm associated with the university students can earn a fixed amount. The benefit of such a method is that students learn a lot about academics or the American way of life.

Thus there are many masters programs in USA and many ways to fund it. You can find a lot more information on this through our counselors. We would be delighted to help you find your ideal masters programs in USA!

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