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Say Hello to USA !

Looking for Masters Programs in USA ? More than 800,000 international students are pursuing an education in USA. And the numbers have kept on growing since 1950! What makes a Study in USA or for that matter a Higher Study in USA so attractive and exciting?  Read More..


Admission Process For USA

Ideal time for preparation of admission process for USA would be a year. But this whole period can be covered in a shorter time so we have divided the whole process for you convenience into 6 steps. Read More..


Bachelor Programs in USA

 There are many Bachelor programs in USA to choose from, but which university you need to get enrolled in and what kind of courses a bachelor programs has to offer is a different question. As you are aware there are several different types of universities in the USA and accordingly they offer various programs which a student can pursue. What remains common for a bachelor programs though is the duration of the course that is 4 years. Read More..


Cost of Living in USA

For Indian Students in USA and students planning to start a life in USA the financial factor is as important as the course they are planning to take part in. USA like any other foreign country can be tough if you are not aware and adjusting towards its lifestyle and culture. Read More..


Employment Opportunities in USA

 Employment opportunities in USA are on the rise again after the fiasco in 2008 when the financial market crashed. There are several job openings and new avenues are coming up for non-USA citizens too. Employment in USA is taking a healthy stride and pace but really how easy s getting employed in USA? Read More..

Masters Programs in USA

 There are many higher education courses in USA but prominent amongst them are the various types of masters programs in USA. Students who wish to study a higher education course in USA can get many options in the master’s category, but which type of master is best suited for someone? Why that particular master course? And what about funding in USA for masters? Read More..


US business schools see a continuously increasing number of Indian students aiming at getting an MBA in USA. The MBA factor is so popular world over that an MBA from a US business school is considered to be a prime resource and is given a high position in the hierarchy. Read More..

Preparation to start your study in USA | GRE for US Universities

US universities have their own GRE, TOEFL or GMAT requirements. But all universities may not require all of them. Each exam has its own specialization and conveys a particular idea to each university. There are exams like SAT too but you must find which exams are really for an education in US, particularly for your course. Read More..

Study programs in USA

 There are many study programs in USA to choose from and along with them new prospective students are introduced to the different types of universities in USA. It is very important to understand the education system in USA before applying because it is very different from ours. Read More..

Higher Education Institutes in USA

You would be surprised to know that there are different types of Higher education institutes in USA. Yes, in addition to the traditional BS or BA or MA or MS or even PhD, there are different degrees or courses which one can attain. More importantly this distinction creates several universities in USA. Read More..

Education System in USA

Education system in USA is different from what we see in India. But a study in USA can become easier to understand if you know about the system of education in Universities beforehand. The programs of education in universities of USA are divided into undergraduate and graduate programs. Read More..

Visa Processing for USA

If you wish to study in USA then you must possess a F1 Visa for USA from India at least 30 days before your date of commencement of course. Visa processing for USA especially F1 Visa for USA from India takes at max 120 days. Read More..

Why Study in USA

An education in USA not only enhances your future career opportunities but also gives you an opportunity to experience quality education. The USA today is the hub of research and technology worldwide. Read More..

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