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Planning to skyrocket your career? An MBA in EBS is the best.

The global economy is constantly evolving, a Masters in Germany would give you an edge in your career. Offering you at the same time a wide range of opportunities! It’s up to you to take the next step in your career, which will be decisive in your professional development over the years to come.

Taking your individual needs and career paths into consideration, an MBA in EBS offers you three excellent track options:

International Track

18 months programme including an integrated study experience abroad at one of our international partner universities

Gateway to Germany Track

18 months programme that prepares international students for a career in the German corporate world

Accelerated Track

12 months programme for students with extensive work experience


As an MBA study destination, Germany is certainly rising in popularity. Germany was named the seventh most popular MBA destination in the world by future business school applicants.

Why not MBA in EBS?

Compared to the rest of Europe, only the long-established destinations of the UK, France and Spain featured above Germany in terms of MBA applicant preference.

With your Masters in Germany, an MBA in EBS Business School features in the QS Global 200 Top Business schools Report MBA rating for Europe. MBA applicants wishing to study in Germany have a lot of choice.

Admission Guidance for Germany, made easy by Confluence.

Ranked tenth globally for future MBA demand, MBA graduates in Germany are set to enjoy greater ease in finding that all-important first post-MBA job.

Obtain an MBA degree that enables you to meet the challenges of the future to ensure stability in a rapidly changing environment.

Develop the management skills, you need to leave a lasting positive impact in the world through your actions as a manager. Learn how to manage successfully and responsibly, taking different functions, cultures, levels, and organizations into consideration.

Chase your dreams of getting an MBA in EBS with Confluence.


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Admission Guidance for Germany

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