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computer system security - MSc Computer Systems Security in UK | Study in UK Consultants

MSc Computer Systems Security in UK | Study in UK Consultants

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Students can now pursue MSc Computer Systems Security in UK. Study in UK consultants and UK Abroad Consultants encourage and assist students in the UK admission and visa guidance process.

MSc Computer Systems Security in UK

This course is Suitable for current trends and training IT security personnel, moreover this course provides a detailed and contemporary education in computer and IT security.

Why take this course?

It covers security at various stages of the software development process – its specification, implementation and its capability of digital forensics analysis, resulting in your deep understanding of the value of security.
What you will study?

Modules include:

  • Network Security
  • Practical Windows Security
  • Practical UNIX Security
  • Vulnerability Development
  • Professional Skills Development
  • Advanced Research Methods
  • Project Management
  • Research Project: an investigation of your choice, related to the course


Facilities South Wales provide

MSc Project: the development and evaluation of a significant application or task, related to the course.  They have a full range of high-specification computer labs and an ongoing investmentarrow 10x10 - MSc Computer Systems Security in UK | Study in UK Consultants programme to ensure that their  facilities stay at the forefront of computing developments.


Entry Requirements

  • Minimum Honours degree or equivalent
  • Should have a computing background
  • IT skills or extensive experience of the relevant sector
  • an English level of IELTS 6.5 or equivalent


Career opportunities

On this course, you gain the knowledge, skills and experience you need to work in many different positions, from technical to management roles.
The Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP) has highlighted the following specialisms in the area.


Strategy, policy, governance: strategist, policy manager, information technology services officer (ITSO), department security officer (DSO), chief information security officer (CISO)
Risk management, verification and compliance: risk analyst, risk assessor, incident manager,  business information security officer, reviewer, auditor,
Incident and threat management and response, threat manager, forensics (computer analyst, mobile and network analyst) , computer security incident response team (CSIRT) , attack investigator , malware analyst ,penetration tester, disaster recovery, business continuity
Operations and security management: network security officer, systems security officer, information security officer, crypto custodian, information manager
Engineering, architecture and design: architect, designer, development, secure coding, software design and development, applications development, security tools, implementation Education, training and awareness, security programme manager
Research: security researcher

 Study in UK consultants

Pursue your MSc Computer Systems Security in UK as you’ll get bounty of support at university – both with settling into your course and with costs. Study in England with the help of study in UK consultants and Overseas Consultants help students in letting their dreams come true by helping them in the admission and visa guidance process. UK has the world’s best universities that deliver the best education.

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