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MSc International Hospitality and Tourism Management (London Campus) in UK

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The MSc International Hospitality and Tourism Management (London Campus) in UK, is a unique field that can be taken up by graduates, for the Study in UK Admission Process and the best admission guidance for UK universities, we have the best education counselors at confluence. The course is delivered within a specialist School in which there is a specific focus on Hospitality and Tourism. This course is a conversion course, it is ideal for graduates who would like to change subjects or career direction. This course is aimed at students who have successfully undertaken an undergraduate degree and who have an ambition and interest to work within the international hospitality industry in a management position.


The study in UK admission process provides their students with all the information about the courses such as, MSc International Hospitality and Tourism Management (London Campus) in UK and its modules as follows

  1. Advanced business practice,
    sustainable strategy: from planning to implementation,
    3. customer experience management in hospitality and tourism,
    4. understanding financial reporting,
    5. international hospitality and tourism marketing,
    6. project management,
    7. global HRM strategies,
    8. strategic operations management in hospitality and tourism,
    9. international events and destination management,
    10. organisation internship or consulting project or dissertation.

Know more about the courses in UK and its modules with Confluence admission guidance for UK universites.


Study in UK Admission Process

1. Online application form
2. Downloadable application form
3. If you are an EU undergraduate student, you must apply through UCAS
4.Through one of our local offices present in different countries.
When applying, you will need to select MSc International Hospitality and Tourism Management (London Campus) in UK course from the full course lists.
For Study in UK Admission process the International Office will need the following information in order to make a decision on your application:
– All academic transcripts
– Copies of degree/diploma certificates or work reference if employed
– One academic reference
– An English language test score (IELTS/TOEFL etc)
– Your personal statement
– Copy of your current passport

At Confluence the best consultants provide you the proper admission Guidance for UK Universities.

Admission guidance for UK universities

The field of MSc International Hospitality and Tourism Management (London Campus) in UK is a course that provides aspiring students with a wide range of job opportunities. By choosing to study at Coventry you will get the opportunity to enhance your career prospective and professional development, gain specialist knowledge of the subject. Get all the details of the Study in UK Admission Process, as well as the admission guidance for UK universities.

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