There a ton of resources available on the internet to ace the SAT- The exam that will get you into the undergraduate program at a university of your choice. We would like to give you the best out of them by talking to the people who have got good scores on the SAT exam. Read on to find out the most common tips that these people had to say.

1. Catch the Special Triangle: A lot many times, students assume that there is not sufficient information about the triangle given in geometry questions. Key is to be aware of the special triangles (30, 60, 90 or 45, 45, 90). A triangle having sides of length 3,4,5 is a right- angled triangle and one must be quick to decipher this. Know such geometrical properties and see your score sky- rocket.

2. Eliminate wisely: You are penalised for wrong answers in SAT. You need to be wise in eliminating the choices and narrow down your answer to a couple of options. It’s simple. Extreme words like ’never’ and ‘always’ can be eliminated. if you know that the answer is a positive number of quantity, negative values can be looked over.

3. Test booklet to help: Use your text booklet. This is not the time to conserve paper. Nobody is going to use it to judge you. Strike out the wrong options, write down formulas, substitute values and phrase your thoughts.

4. Think and answer: You might want to slow down and improve your accuracy instead of attempting all questions in a haste. Remember the 1/4 negative marking. A blank answer gets you a zero in comparison. Answer whatever is possible and get all of them right instead of decreasing your score with negative marking.

5. Critical Reading strategy: You need to be persistent to develop a strategy that will help you to answer reading comprehension questions. Ideally, you would want to read the passage once and jump to questions but this depends on your speed of reading and ability to think while reading. You might want to decide upon one while practicing questions.

6. Order of difficulty: Except on the critical reading section, all sections contain questions in the ascending order of difficulty. Figure out an exam strategy. Also, don’t second guess yourself if you find some obvious answers at the start.

7. Put things on paper if stuck: If you find yourself trying hard to remember stuff including quant formulas or code words that point you in the right direction, put it on paper. You would be surprised to see how writing helps you recollect things. And you might want to read point number 3 again here.

8. Be prepared for the essay: Write a list of words that sound erudite and mature on the paper. Know their context and their usage in and out. Fit them into context with the given essay topic for it is usually difficult to think about new words in crunch situations. Also, it will help you impress the grader. 😉

9. Use best material: The right material helps you get the right score. . Confluence has prepared material after extensively going through the test requirements, previous papers and other available material. You deserve nothing but the best.

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