Study Abroad – How to Choose Right College?

Study Abroad.

How to choose right college?

Consider following Factors to choose Right College which suits you?.

1. Type of college vs Cost

  • How much money do you have?
  • What could be the Loan servicing burden once started earning after course completion?
  • What kind of job/startup are you looking at?
  • Are you looking for attention?
  • Is prestige is important vis a vis Income generation after course completion?  Major

2. Major

  • Did you conduct the research about the department strengths?
  • Is the selected college is right for the major you are interested?

3. Location

  • From home or living in/close to the University.
  • Small or Big city
  • Jobs/internships @ in/out of institution.

4. Size

  • Bigger School
  • Smaller School?

5. Extra Curricular Activities

  • Is what are the activities you are interested is present?

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