Tips for learning german

Living in Germany where the official language is not english means that you have to learn german to be able to make your day to day life there easier. Therefore learning german should be on your agenda even if your course is taught in english. Understanding german will come in handy when you want to shop at the farmer’s market or ensure that you do not miss any important train announcements!

Even though the german language has several levels to crack before mastering it, the learning process itself need not be so difficult. You can enrol in a language school here in India for a start and  take it forward by joining a language course once your in Germany. Here are a few of the many tips that we at confluence give our students which makes this learning simple and fun:

  • Start NOW – there is no better time to start learning german than right now! Learning even a few commonly used phrases and words will go a long way
  • Practise practise practise! – it is advisable to speak in german wherever and whenever possible. Be it at the local supermarket, university or even better with a native German speaker. They will appreciate you making the effort
  • Watch german TV shows and movies – as with learning any other language, watching german movies and tv shows is a fun way to improve your communication skills. If that overwhelms you, perhaps you can watch one that you’ve already seen in a language that you know

We have many more such tips and useful resources to learn german from to make it easier for our students to adapt to a new environment.

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