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Our Services for Germany Aspiring Students

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Along with a new country come many new requirements and it becomes necessary to know as much as you can before taking your flight into the new world.

“For Confluence it’s not about getting an admission it’s about starting a new life abroad. “

We explain students about Germany and its culture

Along with a new country come many new requirements and it becomes necessary to know as much as you can before taking your flight into the new world. With Germany there are many things familiar as well as different for Indian students. The familiarity for example is with the language as, in India almost every state has a different language and similarly Germany has its own variations of German spanning across its 16 states. There in one can see the difference which is further increased with the seasonal and temperature related differences. So it becomes imperative that you get to know a lot of partiality of life in Germany.

We update ourselves about Germany to make our students proactive

At Confluence we have a daily routine of knowing about and contacting various clubs, associations and hubs across Germany for Indian students. Similarly we constantly update ourselves with news regarding the schools, universities and campuses at Germany and thus remain abreast with what’s going on in the ‘education universe’ of Germany. Similarly for our Students cultural as well as comfort benefit we gather information regarding conventions at Hotels and convention centres across Germany, so that they don’t feel lost in a new system of education. These initiatives are part of our study abroad awareness program and are aimed at making our students proactive and quick learners about the ‘what’s going on’ in Germany. Germany is a comparatively small country in terms of size and you would be required to travel across its many states and all the information and help from clubs, campuses and convention centres come in hand.

Admission process for German universities

It is important to know how the admission process in Germany is undertaken. Confluence and its vast experience in this area show in our counselling process where we inform you as well as your guardians about the admission process patiently. You would be taken through the whole process and in return we analyse your profile so that we may know which colleges, universities etc. match your requirements and we make sure that you match them in return. We aim to get 100% successful admission for all our students and simultaneously counsel them regarding what the requirements are. It doesn’t end there because Confluence understand that most students are not clear about what they would get in return from an admission in Germany and we counsel them regarding their career and opportunities too. In addition to basic requirements there are other requirements like language testing or academic testing by universities. International testing standards are different from regular exams and Confluence helps in the whole process from registering to even get coached so that you get the best scores possible.

We provide coaching for study abroad tests as well

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International admission process is a time consuming and stressful process for new students and we understand that any or every advantage that you have is welcome. Confluence’s understanding of these requirements has made us develop free mock and online tests for aspiring students. From the comfort of your home, you can take a test and in return get a survey of how you did and which area you can work on. The free diagnostic tests help in understanding your potential best areas and in return also tell about the areas you can work on and improve. In addition to that we have developed customized training material for our students which helps in focusing on areas which require extra effort. For the comfort of our students we provide coaching via classes or via online mode. Students who are working or are undertaking another academic pursuit or have special needs may take up the online mode and not lose out on any opportunity. Confluence aims to make education approachable for everyone and tries to improve the experience while teaching and thus learning.

Premium University Application Services

An admission abroad requires many procedures and rules to be followed. The requirements are very different from what one has to adhere to in India. Most terms like LOR or SOP are new and students either get confused or take an entirely different perspective on these crucial documents. Some universities have completely different structures and requirements which further increases the complexity. For all this Confluence has introduced dedicated Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendation and essay guidance systems in which our counsellors and editors help you generate university and course specific content. Such content helps you make your point of view clear and convey your interest in joining the course in a crisp and to the point manner. The requirements are not to be artistic but to be clear about goals and here Confluence’s experience helps you a lot.

We have database of courses and universities in Germany

To further our services we have made a consistently updated database of university programs and even customized our services for PhD or medical studies aspiring students. We cover a wide range of courses in all disciplines and we keep separate database for separate countries. Students are free to choose from this list on the basis of language, course, subject, university and simultaneously understand the requirements the university has with them. Confluence understands the whole process through and through and to help students overcome the tough visa standards or financial requirement has made a dedicated visa counselling service and education loan cell. Thus it would be clear to you that we have covered every step in the admission process, whether it is planning or execution, to the last bit.

Travel and accommodation assistance

Travelling time to Berlin from India, Travelling time to Frankfurt from India, Post visa support services for Germany.

If you think that just getting an admission and paying fees completes the admission process then you are in for a surprise. A new country has new rules and lifestyles to understand besides what you naturally assume may not be so. Thus Confluence helps you in even the most basic of requirements like getting an accommodation to the most advanced of requirements like getting an internship. We make sure that your life in Germany is easier and we counsel regarding life at Germany, in addition to that Confluence becomes your friend abroad as we take care of students in more than 11 countries and provide any and every assistance possible. Confluence would guide you in all predicaments, whether it involves academics or daily life.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest – Benjamin Franklin

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