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phd in australia - PhD in Australia

PhD in Australia

Attaining a PhD in Australia from any of the universities in Australia leads to new knowledge or re-interpretation of existing ideas, theories and approaches. There are a number of PhD programmes in Australia to choose from. A PhD in Australia will prepare you for work beyond your degree.
PhD Qualifications and applying process
PhD programmes in Australia require PhD applicants to hold the equivalent of an Australian Honours degree in order to apply for PhD study.
While it may be possible for you to apply for a PhD in Australia straight after doing a three-year UK undergraduate degree, it is quite rare to get selected as you would have to have excellent marks, be looking to undertake a PhD in a field directly related to your undergraduate degree, and have a considerable amount of research experience within your field, which is very difficult to achieve.
Academic terms in Australia start in February and July each year, but a PhD in Australia is not bound by the academic calendar, hence PhD programmes in Australia can be started at any time during the year that’s mutually convenient for you and your supervisor. This also means that there are no deadlines for academic applications for PhD programmes in Australia.


Since there are no academic deadlines for PhD in Australia, you would have to time everything around your applications for funding for PhD in Australia. The whole process is likely to take anywhere between four and 12 months to organize. The Australian Government provides a number of scholarships for international students who want to pursue their PhD in Australia.

Documentation and Interview Process

All universities will want you to include a completed application form plus academic certificates transcripts for each year of your undergraduate and postgraduate as well as your degree completion certificates. Academic references, a copy of your research proposal, copies of correspondence from your supervisor outlining their willingness to supervise your research and a CV will also be required We at Confluence will guide you through all the complicated steps in a simple and easy manner, starting from your selection a PhD programme in Australia to helping you with funding for PhD in Australia. Just walk into your nearest Confluence Office for your portal to a PhD in Australia!For any further directions or queries, do not hesitate to contact us, we at Confluence are always ready to guide. The bottom line is the fact that if you have the passion to get a PhD then, we are here to help you, to guide you in every step of the way without any hindrances. We at Confluence start the process with your consent and we will give you information regarding funding for PhD keep you updated with every step as it happens and will be by your side, assisting you until you are ready to open the door and pursue your dream to study in Australia. For PhD in Australia, Start at Confluence!