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Postgraduate Diploma in Education

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Postgraduate Diploma in Education can be your opportunity as of now

Students can now opt for postgraduate diploma in education. You can now study in New Zealand and pursue this course as education in New Zealand which offers a unique way of learning. The Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), also known as a Graduate Diploma of Education (GradDipEd), is a one-year postgraduate course in several places for existing bachelor’s degree holders leading to become a qualified teacher.

Why postgraduate diploma in Education?

The Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Early Childhood Education) gives degree graduates who have an interest in the early childhood sector an opportunity to gain higher-level research, curriculum and leadership skills. Our Postgraduate Diploma in  Education (Early Childhood Education) enables those who hold higher positions, such as managers and senior teaching staff, to enhance the leadership and mentoring of teachers in their centers. The program is beneficial for graduates who seek careers as scholars, lecturers or academics in the early childhood field.

Program Overview in Education in New Zealand:

Method of learning: Full time

Mode of learning: NZTC Online – Blended Learning

Level: 8

Duration: 1 year

Start dates: February and July/August

Credits: 120

Courses and credits

Course Code Course Name Level Credit

MR501P The Young Child: Childhood in the Early Years 8 30

MR502P Hearing Children’s Voices: Advocacy in Early Childhood Education 8 30

MR503P Children and Families in Early Childhood Education 8 30

MR504P The Authentic Leader 8 30

MR505P Communities of Learning: Making Connections in Early Childhood Education 8 30

MR506P The Ethical Self in Early Childhood Education 8 30

MR507P Research Methods in Early Childhood Education 8 30

MR510P The Arts in Early Childhood Education 8 30

MR508P Special Topic 9 30

MR509P Directed Study 9 30

Other program requirements

While you are enrolled in the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Early Childhood Education) program, you are required to:

Engage in online discussions and complete discussion tasks
Attend 20 hours a week of tutorials for the first four weeks of your program and four hours a week for the remainder of your program.


All courses within the program are internally assessed. The assessments are theory-based. There are no exams

We give your career a safe start

You can do your Postgraduate Diploma in Education and give your career a safe start. You can study in New Zealand and choose New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) as your place of education. New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) is a private tertiary education provider based in Auckland, New Zealand. For over 30 years they have specialized in providing high-quality, professional qualifications that cater to the changing needs of the early childhood sector. How about receiving that education in New  Zealand and so as to fulfill your goals!

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