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Private and Public Universities in Canada

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Universities in Canada

Canada has two major kinds of Universities — Private and Public universities.

Private Universities

These are universities in Canada that are For Profit. They offer world class education and focus on research and innovation greatly. They follow the general admissions pattern for Canadian colleges.

Public Universities

Public Universities in Canada include some of the best universities in the country. They also have unique and attractive programs that a prospective student must be aware about.

Student Partnership Programs

This is an agreement between Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the Association of Canadian Colleges (ACC) that seeks to help international students who wish to study in Canada. This was a partnership initially opened only for Indian students but has now also been extended to Chinese applicants. This is a system through which students who wished to study in Canadian Community Colleges are benefited thanks to a streamlined admissions and visa procedure. There are 40 specialised colleges and many other colleges under the ACC that are a part of this program. Students must meet a list of academic and non academic list of eligibility criteria in order to apply under the SPP.

What are community colleges?

In Canada, community colleges are higher education institutions that largely offer certificate and diploma programs at different levels of education – bachelor’s and graduate levels. However, some community colleges also collaborate with other institutions to help students earn stand alone degrees as well. Thus, what was once a focussed vocational educational platform has now extended to a stand alone degree granting institution with degrees ranging from technical fields to non technical ones.

An interesting feature in Canadian institutions is the idea of a “Co-Op Program.”

This means that a student pursuing a 4 year degree, for instance, will receive guaranteed paid work experience at different times, during the 4 years. This ensures a great practical understanding of the disciplines and also enhances the the student’s employability after graduation.


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