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Programs in Colleges by Confluence

The three to five years that one spends in college is arguably the most likely time one is bound to find one’s passion/calling. Many colleges offer great academic courses and programs. However, colleges face problems when it comes to helping students be job ready and plan their careers or their future studies. In fact, it is said that a gross majority of graduates are not equipped with the non academic skills necessary for employment. In order to solve this crisis, Confluence offers a one of a kind col-laboration with colleges to help the students of the partner institution and thereby, the institution as well.

What does Confluence bring to the table?

We introduce a new partnership program through which colleges can collaborate with Confluence and the students can access Confluence’s services which are not otherwise provided by the college. As an experienced educational consultancy, Confluence can help the partner institution in acting as a service provider in the areas of educational counselling, graduate school admissions counselling, internship opportunities, career counselling and planning and goal mapping. Thus, students will be able to the make the most of their college experience.

What are the benefits of this program?

  1.  Students gain access to entirely new opportunities that they otherwise cannot
  2.  Students can explore options for education and career paths
  3.  Students who wish to go for higher studies will be guided by experts in the field
  4. The College can help the student not just academically but also to help them achieve their educa-tional or professional goals/dreams.
  5. Colleges help provide a rounded education thus increasing their engagement, visibility and enrol-ment.

Where can we gain more information about this program?

We have a separate questionnaire for interested colleges which has been made from a college’s view-point. Through this questionnaire we hope to analyse and understand the specific needs of the college and help come up with a solution through this program. We are open for collaboration and are looking forward to this new interaction.

Thus, Confluence aims to collaborate with passionate students, and colleges who are instrumental in their future.

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