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How to improve vocabulary?

Anonymous asked 2 years ago
1 Answers
Vijaya Sena Reddy Staff answered 2 years ago

Learning New Words

  1. Be a voracious reader.

Make reading a habit. Read fiction, non-fiction, online magazines, blogs, and newspaper. When you read, you find new words used in some particular context. In this way, you not only learn the word but also understand it’s application along with meaning.

      2.  Make dictionary & thesaurus your best friend.

As soon as you find an unfamiliar word, find what it means in the dictionary. Read more about what part of speech it belongs to and it’s usage.

      3. Write down a sentence.

Once you become familiar with the word, write down sentences using it. Also write sentences using its other forms like noun, pronoun, verb or adjective.

Using New Words

      4. Implement what you learned.

In day to day situations and conversation, try to relate the words you have learned and apply or use them. Try to use those words in new contexts, not only verbally but also in your writings. Look for concepts related to the new words you’re using. Engage and use new words in conversations. Talking with others can help you learn and discover new words too.

       5. Study and review regularly.

Building a vocabulary is all about revising and practising the words regularly until you get a complete hold on them. Spare 15 minutes of your time every day for vocabulary. Make it your break activity. After studying for 2 hours, take a break of 15 minutes and play crossword puzzles, scrabble, anagrams, word jumble and Boggle.