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How to improve reading speed to score well in comprehensions?

Anonymous asked 2 years ago
1 Answers
Vijaya Sena Reddy Staff answered 2 years ago

Strategy #1: GMAT Reading Comprehension is not a speed-reading contest!
Give yourself 2.5 minutes for short passages and 3.5 minutes for long passages.  Every time you read a passage, set a timer for this time so you get used to it: you will find that these times let you read at a relaxed pace that allows for thorough comprehension while still affording a minute per question.
Strategy #2: Map, don’t memorize!
When you read, your job is to determine (a) the main idea of the passage and (b) the topic/function of each individual paragraph.  Create, as it were, a “map” of the passage from which you can locate details if the questions address them.
You do not need to memorize the vivid details of, say, Hesseldorf’s new theory of the evolutionary changes in mammalian digestion at the onset of the Pleistocene. You just have to know where the passage goes into detail about that factoid so that, if a detail question arises, you can go back to that place and reread.  Your goal is to read the whole passage once, at a relaxed pace, and reread only specific detail passages as necessary.
Strategy #3: Read the first question first
One suggested strategy is: before your read the passage, read the first question —- not the answer choices, good god! — but just the question.  That way, you will have it on your radar.  In particular, if the first question is a detail question, you will have your antennae up for that detail as you read.
Not everyone finds this helpful.  Experiment and see what works best for you.