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Become Edupreneurs

At Confluence, we believe that education and entrepreneurship can go hand in hand successfully only when the vision of the entrepreneur and their company are right. While we understand that education cannot be commoditised, there is a great benefit in running a business in this sector and this benefit goes to the larger student community. Thus, we believe that when the goal is service, and not profitability, education can be a successful business venture. There are many such educational entrepreneurs today, working to improve the state of affairs in the education sector. We now offer a unique opportunity to them.

What does Confluence bring to the table?

We are an experienced educational consultancy and we propose a partnership program with other educational entrepreneurs across the country. Through the program we hope to collaborate with individuals and companies who share a common vision of improving the state of education and the present system in this country and thus, running a business around this service. We hope to be able to share audiences and target markets and exchange our flagship services and programs so that the greater student community will stand to benefit.

What are the benefits of this program?

  1.  Offers budding entrepreneurs a great platform to partner with experienced and likeminded body of individuals
  2.  A great opportunity to network for entrepreneurs and companies at every level
  3.  Facilitates a wider target audience for both institutes and creates sharing of knowledge, resources and broadens the mission
  4.  Gives the partner company greater visibility and a larger reach

Where can we find more information about this program?

The education sector as such, is large and hence, we understand that different entrepreneurs wish to work on different areas. Thus, every company faces varied challenges and ideas. We wish to work on an individual basis so as to facilitate a better fit with the partner institute. We have a special questionnaire prepared in this regard and we urge you to fill out the same. 

Take this quick survey and let us draw a roadmap for long last bond.

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