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Study abroad consulting

Education is power and can be our biggest strength. For students looking to begin their careers on the right note, educational choices are quite important in ensuring that they have the career and the life they want. Confluence has been an organization that has helped students perfect this process for more than a decade now and in this section, we will tell you how we can help you achieve your dream. We at Confluence provide educational counselling services and solutions to students of different categories.

High School Students

Confluence helps school students with identifying suitable options for future course of study and career options. This is done based on a variety of diagnostic methods that help analyse each individual student. It also provides a variety of methods for students to not just identify their talents but also seeks to provide a support system for students. Through the following method, our counsellors are uniquely placed between parents, teachers and students and can share the student’s inner vision. This gives them a distinct edge as they set out to face the competitive world after high school. Confluence provides a variety of tests, games, questionnaires and other activities to 8th, 9th and 10th Grade students to identify their skill sets and abilities. We then meet students individually and help identify interests and goals that the students may have. By putting these two together, we can help the students identify focus areas that they will need to work on, so as to best develop and use the skills and interests they have while also finding the most profitable career options to do so.

Students looking to pursue UG abroad

Deciding to pursue bachelor’s abroad can be an empowering decision. However, the application procedure for Universities outside India is very different from how it works here, and it is beneficial for the student to consult experts in the field. At Confluence, the student gets to interact with facilitators and counsellors with over a decade of experience.

Students wishing to pursue PG abroad

Most students who pursue a master’s degree abroad after completing a bachelor’s in India are subjected to an intellectual culture shock, because of how differently the system works. A lot of emphasis is given on intellectual honesty, plagiarism and analysis and this is only the differences from an academic perspective. Consequently, the master’s degree can have a lasting effect on the student if utilized properly and that starts right from the applications procedure. For college applications – UG and PG – we help the students in the following key areas:

1. Choosing the right applications counselor and individual guidance,

2. University short listing

3. Finding the right funding/financial opportunities

4. Test preparation

5. Statements of Purpose/Essays

6. Interview preparation

7. Visa applications

Broadly, these are the different counselling services we offer. Not only do we provide these services at our offices, but we provide identical services for outstation students as well. We are happy to conduct regular sessions through Skype. Contact us for any enquiry and we promise an enjoyable and hassle-free applications procedure before you begin your journey of higher education.