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Education in Singapore is the responsibility of the central government, and hence is managed by Ministry of Education (MOE). The ministry takes care of the development and administration of public schools which receive budgeted funds. The ministry has an advisory and supervisory power in administering private educational institutions.

Private schools enjoy considerable discretion and autonomy in their curriculum, scope of government aid and funding, tuition burden on the students, and admission policy.

The government makes special provision for children with disabilities, who attend the special education (SPED) schools. These schools are run by the state funded Voluntary Welfare Organizations (VWOs). In Singapore, Education is given top most priority, with the state spending nearly 20 percent of the annual national budget on education. In Singapore primary/elementary education is compulsory, and it is a criminal offence if parents fail to enroll their children in school and ensure their regular attendance.

English language is given a lot of importance by the curriculum, beginning with pre-school to university, English is the first language learnt by students. From school to college, English is the language of instruction for most subjects, especially mathematics and the natural sciences. In the secondary schools under the Special Assistance Plan (SAP) there is focus on the use of mother tongue.

English language and education is considered as the connecting link between citizens of all ethnic-cultural backgrounds. By making English as the link language in Singapore, the problems of learning ethnic languages by diverse ethnic groups was overcome and Singapore was readied to join the global economy. Singapore has three local universities

National University of Singaporenus - Singapore

  • Attempts to internationalize itself by building a global network through overseas colleges, teaching and research partnerships with other institutions, supporting international student exchange programs (SEP), and the establishment of alumni associations around the world
  • Coordinates with 140 SEP-partner universities in over 20 countries, most of which are in Asia, North America and Europe, and four Overseas Colleges (NOC) in Stockholm, Silicon Valley, Bio Valley (in Philadelphia), Bangalore and Shanghai

 Nanyang technological university (NTU)

  • Has an engineering college which is ranked among the best in the Commonwealth
  • Has a business school with one of the top 100 MBA programs in the world
  • Has an internationally acclaimed National Institute of Education
  • Has one of the best Schools of Communications & Information in Asia
  • Has a School of Biological Sciences playing a leading role in Singapore’s Life Sciences initiative

singapore - Singapore Singapore management university (SMU)

  • Collaborates with one of the world’s leading business schools, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Brings the best of the US system to SMU students. In this direction SMU signed a five-year collaborative agreement with Wharton to develop the university into a centre of educational excellence for management, business and finance

 Singapore Institute of Management University [UniSIM]

  • Offers a range of programs in Arts & Social Sciences, Business, Human Development & Social Services, and Science & Technology
  • Partners with universities: Partnered with Beijing Normal University in offering postgraduate and undergraduate degrees in the Chinese language
  • Signs MOUs with international universities: The University has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Open University of Hong Kong to strengthen academic collaboration and with Open Universities in UK for various programs

The degrees offered by these universities are internationally recognized.

Singapore Institute of Management University National University of Singapore


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