SOP and Interview Purpose Questionnaire

SOP and Interview Purpose Questionnaire

Dear student, you have made the right decision to go abroad for studies. We are here to help you. The confluence team is interested in to see that, you succeed in getting your admission, Visa and take up overseas studies and make a great career in your life

Before answering these questions

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For each country, university and course you have to answer this to write well by you.

This also helps for your university and visa interview and for your future career activities. 

  1. Introduction about Yourself “Tell me something about you””
  2. What have you studied?
  3. What kind of academic skills did you learn in University/School?
  4. What are your extracurricular activities?
  5. What was the most rewarding assignment  you did and why?
  6. What is your experience, if any?
  7. What sort of important activities have you engaged in? With whom? What role did you play?
  8. Why are you interested in studying Abroad?
  9. Which country have you chosen why?
  10. Which University you have chosen, why? 
    1. Its reputation?
    2. Where is it located?
    3. What are the interesting places around university?
    4. Your university facilities, Faculty, Labs, Sports and social activities?
    5. If it is USA what is STEM and OPT
    6. If it is the UK what is post study assured work placements?
    7. What are your university placement activities?
    8. What kind of accommodation university provides and your plans for your accommodation there?
  1. Which course you have chosen, why? How does this help in your future career?
  2. Your chosen field of study? What are the core subjects you are going to learn during your study? How is it going to help you?
  3. Why do you want to do this program? (Career Plan)
  4. What career have you chosen? What factors formed this decision?
  5. What are your Short & long term career plans? How certain are you of them?
  6. What are the job prospects for you in India, post qualification?
  7. How are you going to handle the new environment?
  8. what are your future career plans back in India
  9. How do you finance, fund your study abroad education?

Few Guidelines

  1. Pl write for every questions around 50 to 75 words with your own ideas
  2. After this we will compile, improve the idea, presentation and will send you final sop copy
  3. Don’t bother about the correctness of your English words and sentences. Just type whatever comes to your mind.

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