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student volunteer - Why should a student have volunteer experience?

Why should a student have volunteer experience?

Respected faculty member, as you know the student has to be active not only in academics, sports but also in volunteering.

The employer looks for his volunteering exposure as that gives real world experience to the student. The student can hone social and persuasion skills.

Top 5 Benefits

  1. An opportunity to volunteer on UNO projects.Job opening with NGO’s
  2. Assessing project and utilizing resources.
  3. Learning to interact with unknown people and completing the tasks within deadlines..
  4. Honing Communication, working in team and persuasion skills.
  5. To explore earning opportunities gives confidence to face the future.


  1. Accomplishing goals with in given deadline.
  2. The job to be done with in a week.
  3. The information collected should be reliable.

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