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Studies in Commerce from Universities Abroad

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Imagine one wants to start a small lemon juice stand outside one’s house. They will have to prepare the lemon juice, come up with suitable storage options, wait for customers and make sure the product reaches the customer at the right price. Now if we extrapolate this process to any good in the market, on a market as big as that of a state or a country, we are entering the domain of commerce. Commerce is the study and the activity of buying and selling on a large scale and often involves social, legal economic, political and cultural perspectives to this process.

What is an education in commerce?

A commerce education is one that helps the student understand the different sub processes at all the check points in the journey of a product from it’s production to the end user. This has lesser to do with long pages of facts or rhetoric and more to do with learning the economic ideas and concepts that drive these sub processes in the market. Thus, students who choose to study commerce will be exposed to fields like economics, finance and politics from the viewpoint of a business or an entrepreneur.

What are the levels at which a commerce education is available?

In India, commerce is one of the most sought after streams of education in high school.

Commerce education can be broadly viewed under two categories ——

1. Bachelor’s education
2. Professional education

Courses like the B.Com or a Bachelors in Finance and Accounting are regular bachelor’s courses available. At the professional level, cost accountancy, Company Secretaryship, Chartered Accountancy are some of the courses that are available and are widely in demand.

What are the opportunities available for graduating students?

A student who has completed a B.Com or a similar degree normally would continue to do an M.B.A or a similar management education. There are also employment opportunities available for students with these degrees but aren’t sought after. Students who have completed professional courses are in great demand both by individual clients and by companies, as a part of the official auditing/accounts team. These are some great options for students who wish to study commerce and these jobs can be very rewarding.

Where can I find more information about such programs and their application procedures?

We are an experienced body of educational consultants and counsellors and provide educational services regarding college applications and admissions. We have an international database of colleges providing courses in commerce and you can contact us for more information.

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