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Study abroad service providers India


Year Abroad

Understand Year Abroad - Advantages and How to Apply

Overseas Internship

Understand more about Overseas Internships

Ivy League Tour

Know how to Race for the Ivy League Tour– USA

Education NGO for All

Exciting opportunity for NGO in education sphere

Junior and High school

Programs for Junior and High School and advantages

Profile Preparation

Student Engagement with Volunteerism, etc.

Semester Abroad

Know more about Semester Abroad - Advantages and How to Apply

Become Edupreneur

Transform the students


Confluence Guidance for Admission and Visa

Vocational courses Abroad

Advantages of vocational courses in abroad universities

After 12th Program

Special guidelines to 12th Students to build career
success plan

Coaching Centers

Confluence Coaching centers for Study Abroad

Programs in Colleges

New partnership program through which colleges can collaborate

Guidance for Undergrad

Undergrad in Abroad for Indian Students - Easy Guidelines

High School Students

Counseling for High School students from Confluence

Programs for Schools

Benefits of counseling programs at Schools
7 Benefits


Campus Ambassadors

The Advantages with Confluence


Counselling for Abroad Education

Student Volunteer

Program for success

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Test Preparation

1 - Study abroad service providers India
  1. Prep Course for study abroad: Ideal for students and recent graduates; It helps in planning and preparation of the application for an undergraduate/graduate degree at universities outside India, especially in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia.
  1. Choose between Guidance and coaching for prep course
  2. Which is better for English Proficiency (IELTS/ TOFEL/PTE)?
  3. What is SAT and why?
  4. SAT – long term planni ng or short term decision
  5. Why GRE and not GMAT ( Difference and why)?
  6. Do I have to option to chose what to learn ( flexibility of classes)?
  7. What do the student gain?

Shortlisting Universities

  1. Your dream career – the right choice ( chose what subject you want to study and where)
  2. To be or not to be ( priority for course/ budget / country)
  3. Trail run – for Visa application ( Interview mock and guidance)
  4. Clash of titan – my passion or the same ( the same line of academics or can switch to allied subjects)
  5. Harness the dream ( within your budget)
  6. Can we have a SWOT please (do I need extra courses / IELTS ..)
  7. Risk Management (my Backup plan)

The dream combination (the three C) ( Course, Currency, and Country)

2 - Study abroad service providers India

SOP ... Guidance

3 - Study abroad service providers India
  1. Your statement our purpose ( why you need and what is its role)
  2. Gathering recommendation letter ( they are letters needed for admission)
  3. The winding path of admission ( what we really do)
  4. Enhance your resume – (highlight strength/ downsize weakness)
  5. Create a strong presence (Make a strong presentation of you and your qualifications, projects)
  6. Your own editors for admission essay weight-age
  7. We are here to assist you with writings
  8. The support – your documents and our workshop

Followup Services

  1. The first step of the journey (Create account of university page, fill up)
  2. The fulcrum of your world (any question, blocks we are here to help)
  3. The wizard (the one who will chase application, docs and loan for you)
  4. The pacifier ( smoothes things for you – could be an attestation or bank loan or parental tension )
4 - Study abroad service providers India

Educational Loan

  1. The advantage of a educational loan for studying abroad
  2. Check your eligibility for loan
  3. Loan provider in India for study abroad ( government of India, SBI )
  4. Approved courses for loan from banks
  5. Avanse service for study abroad loan (https://www.avanse.com/studying-abroad/)
  6. List of banks for study abroad loan
  7. Financial assistance from Confluence
  8. Key role of Confluence in securing the educational loan
5 - Study abroad service providers India

Visa Application Services

6 - Study abroad service providers India
  1. Study in USA – student visa our services.
  2. Education in Canada – Visa application
  3. Visas for Indian student studying abroad in UK
  4. Australia the new Study abroad fad
  5. New Zealand economical and realistic study abroad destination
  6. Study abroad in Germany the Engineer pilgrimage
  7. Study abroad in France the fashion and design capital
  8. European Area of Higher Education – Study abroad in Italy
  9. Portal to Europe – Study abroad in Ireland

Post Visa Application Services

  1. Pre departure work shop
  2. Assisting your journey – ticketing
  3. Forex – Exchange of currency
  4. Airport pick up
  5. Facilitate accommodation
  6. Guidance on part time job
  7. Work permit & Residency
  8. Confluence is still there for you – permanent relationship
7 - Study abroad service providers India