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Accounting is an activity that we all do, on some scale or the other. Be it managing allowances as children, or keeping an account of expenditure monthly for personal uses and so on. So in the financial world, this naturally becomes an extremely important segment of operations and thus, is a field that’s always going to be doing well. Nationally and internationally, with changing fiscal and monetary policies and economic measures, an education in accounting could quite possibly extend to a long and vibrant career that promises growth and different ways to practice the trade.

What are the outcomes of an accounting education?


Accounting is an integral component of any activity that involves money and capital. Business, companies, NGOs, Governments all need their accountants so as long as money goes around, accountants will be needed. But an education in accountancy and accounting is likely going to ensure that the student becomes a competent accountant, relevant to the requirements of the job. An accounting education is often styled to fulfil the requirement for a specific accountant type. Hence, where the student studies matters a lot, and has a very direct and quick impact on the student’s career. This also means that depending on the kind of accounting education the student has undergone, they may be able to work across industries.


What are the levels at which an accounting education is offered?

An accounting education is possible at almost all possible levels of education. This also affects the nature of the degree/certification granted, future educational options and career prospects.

Non Conventional

An accounting education can also happen as a stand alone certification/diploma program and can be an extremely important part of the student’s education. Programs/Degrees like the ACCA are a great feather in one’s cap and can open a lot of doors in the financial world. These may also be considered vocational options. 


At the bachelor’s level accounting could be a B.A. or a B.Sc. A B.Com is also quite common and this would generally mean the student also takes courses in business and management. A joint course is also very common, such as a course in accounting and finance — a highly sought after option today. 


At the graduate level, accounting could also be a part of a larger course, or a stand alone course. For instance, this could be a MAcc. or an MPA, in the US. 

What are the opportunities available in this field today?

An education in accounting will always be held regard because the role of an accountant is important to all businesses and organisations. That said, being a professional accountant in itself is a great option for students. This normally means a job in an auditing firm, with the big firms being Deloitte, PwC, Ernst & Young and KPMG. Careers in banking, finance and financial management are also very popular and rewarding. Some students also choose a career in academia as an add on option and may make it a full time job too, depending on their interests.

Where can I find more information about courses in accounting? 

We are an experienced body of educational consultants and counsellors and provide educational services regarding college applications and admissions. We have an international database of colleges providing courses in accounting and you can contact us for more information. 


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