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Study Architecture from International universities

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Architecture is a field where technical work becomes the medium of creative expression. It is not without reason that architecture from the olden days is viewed as heritage and monuments, today. Thus, there is a lot of artistic scope through something very technical and seemingly commercial. Today especially, at a time when land is an increasingly scarce resource, cutting edge architectural prowess is the need of the hour.

What do we learn in an education in Architecture?

An education in architecture exposes the student to the technical side of the profession. Math courses such as algebra, trigonometry and basic calculus are normally present. There are also courses from physics, engineering and maybe even chemistry or material science. As one may probably guess, there will also be a lot of drawing and an exposure to newer methods and computer aided drawing may also be present.

What are the levels at which an education in architecture is available?

Architecture is a formal course at a preprofessional and professional level. This means that although it is available at the Bachelor’s and Graduate levels, not all Bachelor’s degrees are considered as a professional qualification. A Bachelor of Science in Architecture, for instance is a 4 year degree and is considered a preprofessional course. But the more common B.Arch is a 5 year bachelor’s course that is considered professional. After this, there is normally a training period and licensing that is required before the student can start work.

What are the opportunities available today?

There are many reasons as to why architecture is changing shape today, and that is a great reason for newer people to enter the field. Advancements in technology such as 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence and most importantly, Virtual and Augmented Reality are changing the most fundamental processes in architecture. Hence, there is a great need for a new age architects who have been educated in current standards and methods. There are many Universities abroad that are focusing on this kind of an architectural education and any student from such a background has a great edge both in terms of employability and graduate study.

Where can I find more information about such programs and their application procedures?

We are an experienced body of educational consultants and counsellors and provide educational services regarding college applications and admissions. We have an international database of colleges providing courses in architecture and you can contact us for more information.


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