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Study Automobile Technology from International Universities

The Automobile industry can broadly be categorised into two major sections – engineering and design. Both these areas are seeing major changes, given how there is a shift towards greener automobiles that are more fuel efficient. Design is also a rapidly evolving field with companies choosing to even revamp older and successful cars. Thus, this can be a really interesting field to study and work in, for students who are passionate about these areas.

What do we learn in an automobile education?

In automobile engineering, students often find themselves at the intersection of electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering problems that they need to comprehensively solve while constructing an automobile. This is also the case with aerospace and marine engineering. This also throws up a lot of manufacturing opportunities that may or may not involve constructing prototype vehicles and designing them. Students will also be exposed to the latest technologies available, since this is a research intensive field and they receive an interdisciplinary engineering education. A specialisation in automobile design would entail design fundamentals, 2D and 3D drawing and modelling skills, car technology, model making, research skills and even CAD. Students will also be taught to build a portfolio of their work, which is a great edge when students apply for graduate programs or for employment options.

What are the levels at which such an education is available?

Automobile engineering and design is available at the bachelor’s and graduate levels. Some elements such as graphic design, which are important but supplementary skills to have, are also offered as vocational courses.

What are the opportunities available today?

This is a field where internships can make a big difference in a person’s employment opportunities. A relevant, well utilised internship can not only teach the student a lot of things, but also possibly help the student to form connections. In the US salaries can range from $43000 to $57000.

Where can I find more information about such programs and their application procedures?

We are an experienced body of educational consultants and counsellors and provide educational services regarding college applications and admissions. We have an international database of colleges providing courses in automobile engineering and design and you can contact us for more information.

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