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Study in Central Queensland University

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Central Queensland University:

Welcome to the House of Victorious Colors! Study in Australia and become global citizen.

Why Australia?:

The study in Australia is made a dream with the high standard teaching methods by prestigious faculties, the relatively lower costs of education, the provision of several financial aids from both the universities as well as the government and the lucrative employment opportunities.

But, Why CQU?:

With the magnificent academic culture and flexible learning methodologies, the Central Queensland University in Australia is the largest and fastest growing University and the graduates and researchers from CQ University, being the highest paid and world class in disciplines, drags the interest of the students all over the sphere and is honored with the largest proportions of international students of any Australian University.

Array of Courses at CQU:

There are courses in CQU taught from several fields viz. Business, Accounting and Law, Creative, Performing and Visual Arts, Education and Humanities, Engineering and Built Environment, Health, Information Technology and Digital Media, Psychology, Social Work and Community Services, Science and Environment and many others.

Quick Facts about Australia:

The excellent education system with numerous courses, the innovation and learning makes Australia a kingdom for international students.

Lead your career in a great way with Australian Qualification:  The golden facts about Life in Australia and study in Australia, which make it a pursuit to pursue education in Australia, are its Excellent education system, the wide range of courses and subjects to choose from, the level of support from students is high, the world-wide acceptance of Australian qualifications and finally, innovative and learning experience.

Be a part of vibrant student community at Central Queensland University:

Central Queensland University extends in the north to Cairns, to Melbourne in the south even in the west and has been drawing students from various places in the world and offering them world-class higher education in numerous disciplines. Apart from imparting academic strength to its students, CQ university also provides a great admixture of  culture, traditions, ideas and knowledge and with its close connections with various communities, it is a home for intercultural understanding and a stupendous lifestyle.

How Confluence will help you in reaching your dream university:

If you are an aspirant for such a radiant future, then Confluence Educational Services Private Limited promises you a triumphant journey to your alluring success.  Now, you don’t have to go to Confluence, for Confluence is now at your nearest city, you can contact any of the study abroad consultants for Australia in Hyderabad, study abroad consultants for Australia in Bangalore and study abroad counselors for Australia in Cochin, so feel extremely free to contact us! We’re sure, there is no medium in this world that can connect you to your dream like we do. So remember, if you have a hope, Confluence is your mightiest scope.


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