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why study in france - Why Study in France

Why Study in France

Why study in France?

As soon as the tradition of education sprouted in France, its encouragement for students from all over the globe to pursue their study in France started, hence being a home for about 800 years for foreign students. With the world class and prestigious universities spread out all over the country, it promises to provide one of the best higher education systems.Why study in France? because it also has an amazing ambiance of art and culture which bounds the students throughout their stay in France. Moreover, the country’s advanced economy promotes great advantage for the country in the form of funding to Universities, for instance, the government bears about €10000 per student per year, studying in a publicly funded university. The education in France entangles with it, infinite opportunities, qualities, advantages, and rights Indian students can enjoy as the French students do.

Higher Education in France

The Higher education in France includes innumerable amount of worthy courses from Nuclear, aviation, art, science to many programs like research, graphic arts, 3D animation, woodworking, furniture-making, ceramics and many others which contribute greatly to the treasure of knowledge, the tremendous number of policies and facilities in favor of the International students which has been encouraging them to travel to France. The amazing diversity of the country and its people is another element one cannot miss. The incentives and scholarships, the financial aid and opportunities like loans, grants, low tuition fees combined with the phenomenal institutions and predominant teaching capabilities thoroughly attract students from all over the world including India, to pursue Higher education in France.

Benefits: Why Study in France?

Situated in the heart of Europe, education in France is truly magnificent and the kind of open arms the Indian students receive despite they choose to live in any part of France is spectacular. The country which ranks second in France and fourth in the world in the Information technology sector also bears affordable and high standards of living which encourages people from all over the world and over that the remarkable restaurants with high-rated chefs, the beautiful Eiffel Tower, the art galleries, the museums, the entertainment venues and much other produce create a wonderful atmosphere for the students to study in France.

In the most preferred study abroad destinations, where abundant number of students study owing to the significant factors like excellent educational experience, good career opportunities internationally, the rich art and culture, reputation, innumerable courses that are taught in English, the French architecture, the affordable life, attracting Indians through various scholarships and the most important of them all, the ambitions and the spark the Indian students built and are still building in their eyes to pursue higher education in France, makes the country a beautiful jewellery of celebration and yes, if you come to us, Confluence and join us, we promise, it won’t take long for us to generate the spark in you, the spark which would take you to France and make you a part of its celebration.