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Study in Germany in English

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We typically start exploring the German Sites to know more about the ‘study in Germany‘. But a new country also has a new culture, lifestyle and living conditions so what else would you need to know? Firstly you got to know what they expect from your academic background and you must know the requirement of English to study in Germany. In terms of life in Germany, one must possess some knowledge of German after all you can’t expect everyone to know English, but you can study in Germany in English at some English language universities in Germany. Is English spoken in Germany, speaking English in Germany, English language universities in Germany, German universities taught in English?

So let’s start with what you need to know beforehand.

Study in Germany in English

International universities in Germany which are basically German universities taught in English have strict admission criteria to adhere. They need a good academic interest and background from their students and a good control of the English language to study in Germany.

Germany requires a strong Academic Background filled with internships and a healthy percentage of marks. It’s preferred if you do not have ‘blank’ periods filled with no activity but it may be excused if you provide details regarding why. Additionally, the Germans accept most of our degrees but it would help if you know which degrees are accepted and whether the university or program you are applying to accept your qualification.

Sometimes, language and duration of certain subjects can also impact your choice. So Start exploring the German Sites, otherwise we are there with you!

English language to study in Germany

The requirement of English language to study in Germany is pretty stringent. You must be either IELTS or TOEFL qualified with a healthy score which indicates to the university that you can converse and communicate fluently in at least one language. Every university has their own criteria regarding the required marks in both these exams so their websites would help you with that info. Even though knowledge of German is not compulsory in most English taught programs, it would help you during your stay in Germany. A B1 level proficiency in German would be sufficient to communicate in your daily life and go through German texts at a slow but clear pace.

So the first step towards starting your life in Germany is to sit down, relax, remember what you have to look for and start exploring the German Sites. But most importantly remember we are there for help!

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