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Study in Instiuto Europeo Di Design

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78 - Study in Instiuto Europeo Di Design

  • Study in Instiuto Europeo Di Design

The  Study in Instituto Europeo Di Design (IED) with Confluence by our Italy counselors would assist you to become an expert in creativity studies. IED offer four disciplines they are Design, Fashion, Visual Communication and Management. IED proffer young creatives a thorough training, both theoretical and practical and hand them the ‘Design Knowledge and Mindset’ that will accompany them throughout their lives.

  • Italy Education Admission Process with Confluence

The Italy Education Admission process is little different from other countries and our expert Italy councilors will guide you through the four steps:

  • Pre-enrolment process
  • Admission interview
  • Enrolment confirmation
  • Matriculation process
  • IED Course to choose from

They have spectrum of courses in their four disciplines the academic courses offered cover all levels of qualification: ranging from BA and Master, summer, semester and one year, three year programs and tailor made. They have a spectrum of courses to choose from 19 in BA, 21 in Masters, and more the courses are also taught in English.

  • Admission requirements for IED
  • Valid Secondary School Diploma or high school qualification
  • Letter of motivation in the language of the chosen course;
  • Valid Passport
  • Supporting Portfolio of max 8MB
  • Certificate of Proficiency in the language of the chosen course( IELTS band 6 and TOEFL IBT 79-80)
  • Declaration of local Value issued by the Italian Embassy or Consulate
  • Interview fees of € 150
  • Four schools for 4 creative worlds in IED

The design matrix takes the form of the four IED Schools: Design, Fashion, Visual Communication and Management. Each location houses four completely independent schools: what unites them is the common denominator of design culture and shared inspiring principles. They have the four schools in an assortment of places like   Milan, Rome, Turin, Venice, Florence, and Cagliari.

  • Scholarship for International students

IED offers Scholarship to students through Creative Contexts (https://creativecontexts.com)  a community promoted by IED aimed at aggregating creative and passionate people from 90 countries, who are involved in fashion, design, visual arts and communication, with the demands of most brilliant and innovative brands.

  • Right to education in IED and internship

The students can win a grant depending on the income bracket and the student’s geographic origin a study grant ranging from a minimum of 1.188,00 Euros to a maximum of 4.390,00 Euros (+ one free meal a day) will also be assigned. Internship is also assigned based on the result of the contest held annually through Creative Contexts.

  • Why Confluence recommends IED

Confluence recommends Study in Instiuto Europeo Di Design (IED) as it has 45 years of international expertise in the disciplines of Design and Fashion and is recognized globally as the top Fashion and Design School in Europe. Confluence Italy Education Admission Process would be the gateway to your dreams. Our Italy counselors are always present to assist you every step.

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Study in Instiuto Europeo Di Design

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