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    1. Study in Sprachen University

Study in Sprachen University as German admission consultant Confluence would make way with Admission Process Guidance to fulfill your dream to study in Germany. Sprachen provides German language courses that have small study groups. By paying attention to each and every student, they make sure that student progress from one level to another.

  1. Why to Learn German?

Learning German may also prove useful after you graduate. International graduates of German universities who want to work have enjoyed a simplified work permit application process since 2007. This is especially appealing, given that Germany’s economy has emerged largely unscathed from the financial turbulence of the past five years. Opportunities for employment in Germany are relatively plentiful. Graduates of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects are particularly in demand.

  1. Sprachen offers the following German language courses:

  1. Universities in Germany

Universities in Germany offer plenty of choices for higher education, including some of the most prestigious institutions in Europe. Every major German city has at least one university ranked among the world’s best and more than 40 universities enter in the QS World University Ranking in 2013/2014. This puts Germany well within the world’s higher education elite.

  1. Estimated Cost of Living

Living expenses in Germany are relatively economical in comparison with other European countries. The German Student Association estimates the average student expenses to be around €659 Euro per month. The actual expenses might be slightly higher in larger cities while living in smaller cities or rural areas may lower the monthly expenses.

  1. Sprachen an added advantage : “Guaranteed University Placement” (GUP) program

 For students, with top academic records, they offer “Guaranteed University Placement” (GUP) program: under this program you will have a firm university place even before you arrive in Germany. This program is especially interesting for students who wish to study engineering, IT, or computer science subjects. 

  1. German admission consultant – Confluence

Confluence recommends Study in Sprachen University as consistently it is ranked among the top universities in Germany. Sprachen believes in intensive fostering and development of personal etiquettes with a low student / faculty ratio. As Confluence is expert as German admission consultant it also has additional information like students can complete three degrees in five years and more. The Admission Process Guidance would make you a part of an open-minded community and a great atmosphere.

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