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study program in france - Study Programs in France

Study Programs in France

Study Programs in France

The higher study in France is classified into three significant streams: Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, National doctoral degree. As almost all the courses are taught in English it becomes easier for the Indian students to pursue study programs in France and they need not necessarily be fluent in French.

Bachelor’s program in France is a prominent part of higher study programs in France, which is equal to the French “Licence” and from 2004, after the foundation of Bologna process, the program now, extends for three years. There are several courses available to pursue a Bachelor’s program in France in any Undergraduate degree, few being, medicine, geography, art History, Science, Pharmacology, and Sociology.

Master’s program in France is generally, 2 years in duration which is of great advantage to students only from India and Norway as recognition of 1-year Master’s program is difficult and is of two types viz. Research masters, typically for doctoral studies and masters for students preferring to enter the job market after graduation.

There are over 1200 research laboratories which are the best amongst the world and the program, Ph.D. in France is about 3-4 years in duration where the candidates are considered as early career researchers but not as students. With around 300 doctoral schools with collaboration of research universities in France, the main aims of doctoral schools are to ensure that students have a support structure for professional development, career planning, and preparation to enter the academic, research or alternative career labor market which along with the funding for Ph.D. in France, makes the education world class and effective.

France was the first in Europe to bring MBA to Europe in 1957 and is currently considered to be the top business school in Europe for producing employable and quality MBA graduates and with prestigious France Business schools situated, like the three business schools viz. INSEAD, HEC Paris and EMLYON cracked the Financial Times list of top-100 MBA programs globally, and spread out all over the country, it is also the fifth most popular study destination implying the great appeal for MBA applicants in their study in France around the world including India.

Higher Study in France

The quality of daily life, the variety and richness of French culture, the attractive scholarships and part-time jobs create an encouraging ambiance for Indian students including the international students from all over the world. Since a variety of people are studying in France it is thoroughly necessary to have a perfect admixture of world-class higher education as well as intercultural understanding, which gave rise to Erasmus Mundus for personal mobility and cooperation between France and other non-European countries including its partnership with Indian universities. There are some other short courses provided by French as a foreign language (FLE) and universities in France which offers more than 150 other activities like sports, culture, cooking and many others.