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study programs in usa - Study Programs in USA

Study Programs in USA

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There are many study programs in USA to choose from and along with them new prospective students are introduced to the different types of universities in USA. It is very important to understand the education system in USA before applying because it is very different from ours. Typically there are 2 study programs to choose from:

  • Undergraduate programs
  • Graduate programs

Study programs in USA

Students can enroll in various types of universities in USA for undergraduate programs. The reason that there is a difference in the types of undergraduate universities is the focus on ultimate career goals. Most students in India pursue a 3-4 year college course before enrolling in a higher study program but some students start their careers afterwards with a job. Such students face difficulty in changing their track from academics oriented work culture to a task oriented work culture in different industries.

The universities in USA to face this challenge involved a degree called associate’s degree where students can attend technical schools or colleges of 2-year course duration and either continue their education to attain a bachelor’s degree or start a career with a job. Such courses are extremely practical in nature but depending on the university’s curriculum may involve academic work. Basically, such courses try to equip students with skills needed to take a job. The second type of university also called the 4-year college is more academic in nature and gives its students Bachelors in Science or arts on completion.

Students are free to pursue a job after such a course but usually prefer to go for a masters or Ph.D. This brings us to the topic of higher study in USA.

Higher study in USA

Higher study in USA comprises all masters and Ph.D. related courses. A Masters in arts or science can be subject specific or course specific and can be completed in 1-2 years whereas a Ph.D. is pursued after a master and can be completed in 3-6 years. The uniqueness of a US masters or Ph.D. is that both courses can be completed either in an academic or research oriented classroom environment or can be completed in a subject specific more practical nature program. The latter provides students with an option to intern and interact with several members of the industrial and research community at large which helps them increase their technical as well as research prowess.

There are many study programs in USA and they are further diversified by the public and private university courses. Public universities in USA are state run and charge lesser fees but private universities offer a larger number of campus jobs as well opportunities to get exposure though at higher fees. Students need not worry about which university they get enrolled in as the experience and exposure in both universities is more or less the same but since public universities are more economical they are preferred.

Whatever be your ideal study program in USA you will find a course matching your choice in a university. The key concept is to understand what you may derive out of that particular course or university. Be it a higher study in USA or a job in USA, a prior study in USA would benefit you a lot.

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