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To become global Indian every student should get the best and appropriate advice from the experts in counselling, we at Confluence are striving and working with every possible student to turn his/her vision to make it happen.
This space dedicated for student community to share feedback after availing our counselling. The student’s feedback helps us to serve better.

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Prasuna Reddy Konda
Rating :

I had a very good experience with confluence educational services. Yadavareddy Anna helped me a lot and cleared all my doubts and queries . I would highly recommend everyone who would like to go abroad for higher studies . Thank you so much confluence for helping me out for Canada process to get into Humber college, Canada .

Rating :

Good experience in confluence, before coming to confluenceEdu I have gone through different consultancies at last I have chosen confluenceEdu because here staff is very good and they help me from starting to end specially Yadav reddy sir he help me in each & every thing.

Sharukh Shaik
Rating :

Hello When I first planned for MSc in Australia I doesn’t know anything about the Universities and Process and by my friends suggestion I contacted CONFLUENCE EDUCATIONAL SERVICES. They gave me all info about the Universities in Australia and suggested the best uni for me and helped me in clearing the Eligibility exams and Mainly Yadava Reddy sir took so much care and made my process very smoothly and quickly. They guided me in each and every step of the process and finally I Got my visa . The overall process from starting to visa grant took only one month… Read more »

Soundarya Adam
Rating :

I am Soundarya Adam, I was planning for my Masters in Germany and then my uncle referred me about Confuence for counselling and guidance regarding procedure for applying to Universities. From getting to know about what university needs to what I can be benefited by that University, was given the idea by my counsellor.
For timely updates and doing all the necessary procedure for my admission I heartily thank the entire Confluence team.

kaushik reddy
Rating :

My name is kaushik reddy got an opportunity to attend Confluence counselling session through our family friend, my counsellor drafted and shared entire roadmap, now all fulfilled and flying this weekend to do my Bachelors in Fashion Design in the UK. Good Luck Confluence and keep assist students.

Deepak K S
Rating :

My name is Deepak K S. My IELTS tutor suggested about Confluence Education institution. My counsellors assigned were Vijaya Sena Reddy Sir and Yadava Reddy Sir. They gave necessary advices to me and apart from them, Dr. SSN Raju Sir also helped in providing guidance to pass the Visa interview as well as the University interview. This helped me to get an idea of the life in UK. Overall they did a wonderful job and I’d recommend this institution to my friends, those who aspire to study abroad.

Rating :

I am Tati Jaipal Reddy, my relatives advised me to meet Confluence for study abroad counseling, my assigned counselors Charan & Yadava Reddy took great care and helped me wherever i need and Dr.SSN Raju honed my skills to get the great view about UK universities, student life in the UK and overall personality. All these came to handy to clear the interview. Wish Confluence team assist many more students like me & all the best, dil se.

Rating :

Here i come to know about confluence by my friend .And here they support and guide me for whatever things requuired for getting visa and admission and etc,. so i would also recommend my people to contact confluence.

anusha reddy
Rating :

I came to Know about CONFLUENCE by my relative and contacted them.Great place, great people. Will help you with everything. Right from choosing the University to VISA approval. Guided me with great care. Thank you Rohit for helping me.
Would recommend everyone to approach Confluence as they are highly experienced and professional.

zsiha ibrahim
Rating :

hi, im Zsiha. i am planning to do my bachelors in the uk and confluence has basically helped me through my entire journey. I would honestly be so clueless otherwise. the whole process was very systematic and organized and I was very happy at the end. I didn’t regret joining this consultancy at all. the whole team is very co operative and friendly. they helped me through the whole process.

special thanks to sir vijay for the help and encouragement.

I strongly recommend confluence for anyone who is trying to go for further studies abroad.


geetha ramya gunturi
Rating :

This is Geetha, i am planning my masters in Australia. In the starting of my process I visited one of the consultancy, and it does not help me properly. After that i choose confluence. In the starting, I was feeling all the consultancies were misguide the students like my previous one. But confluence edu helped me a lot unlike other consultancies from beginning to ending of my process, especially the team of members yadav sir, charan and other. They clear all my doubts through phone calls, and they guide me in each and every minute. Thank you very much confluence… Read more »

mundra pavan kumar
Rating :

Thanks for the confluence team for helping me for UK process. confluence team has helped me from initial phase to till visa approval. I strongly recommend Confluence Education for abroad studies.

Shivani Reddy
Rating :

As soon as I completed my bachelors, I thought of joining master’s in USA. Then my first choice was to join Confluence. They are very helpful in my every step right from choosing university to applying for them till I got my visa approved. They offer excellent guidance at every step. I strongly recommend confluence for all those who are aiming to pursue master’s in USA.

Likitha Meghana
Rating :

I have been working as an Intern for Confluence from the past couple of months. Confluence is a team which tries to engage with students, understand their visions and give them the best they can. The team is very friendly and co-operative. I’ve learned quite much in very few months, my assigned manager was always a text away through which he guided me in all the best possible ways he could. My journey with Confluence was great and indeed the best.

sandeep kumar
Rating :

I am sandeep kumar from Patna. I was baffled for a couple of months with the information on “How to get into good Institutes with better career prospects ” over the internet. The whole thing went smoothly from Admissions to Visa at Confluence. I availed the services of confluence to choose universities and courses, the whole process is so long and my counselors at confluence assisted me well with lots of patience. Counseling services at confluence helped me a lot in getting what I dreamt off. The counselor was very informative and helpful. I would thank confluence to make me… Read more »

Rating :

I had a great experience with confluence. It’s the best place to seek advice about oversea’s education. They gave guidance and assistance in every stage. I couldn’t fly oversea as I wished due to my personal problems. But confluence was with me when ever I needed them.

The welcoming environment and consulting skills are highly appreciated of team.

Special thanks to Vijay for all the support and encouragement.

I suggest students who wish to study abroad contact Confluence.

Anurag Reddy Gummalla
Rating :

I am having a low profile then when i m searching through online website then i opted Confluence based on the positive feedback I got about the organisation. I was told that Confluence provides excellent professional guidance to students keen on pursuing higher studies abroad, and that they provide all the necessary information to choose the universities based on the priorities of the aspiring candidates. The team, especially my counselor gave me a clear idea of all the universities that I could apply to. Being apprised of the various universities beforehand helped me immensely. The Confluence team was very patient… Read more »

Rating :

when I have completed my Bachelors I was in a confusion what to do i think over about future I plan to study in abroad then I came to know about Confluence Education through a friend and I applied to Australia .when i came to confluence they guided me what are the opportunities available to my profile and all my doubts were cleared. Right now i have clarity about my abroad plan and what i need to do.Thank you for whole team of confluence in clearing my doubts and for best guidance.

Bharath Nanduri
Rating :

They’ve been there with me in every stage of my journey towards my future. They’ve got knowledge not only about the SOP’s, LOR’s and documentation required for Masters abroad, but they also have good knowledge about the courses and it’s outcomes. Gave me counselling when required, and got me through tough stages a student face with confidence and doubt over future.
They’ll be responsive to you in any time of the day.
Planned a master’s abroad, they are the right people in getting you to your goals!

Saideep Reddy
Rating :

Confluence has been very helpful throughout. They were there for every question I had and very prompt in replying. I believe this is because of their vast experience in the domain. I suggest students to use their services and make your process smooth.

They will guide you step by step!

Vaibhav Garg
Rating :

It was really nice working with you. I have learned a lot and explored to my fullest. I suggest students to approach their service ASAP as they are the best you can have. They carry a Leger of vast knowledge. I seek to work more but due to college I couldn’t continue. I wish to be a part for a long term, you guys are best. Keep going and reach the top. I hope you guys also will always remember me.😀😀

Sujay Kumar DM
Rating :

I really had an amazing welcoming experience with Confluence.
Unlike any other student I had a great vision in my mind and I was looking for an opportunity and guidance to envision my dreams.
I met Vijay and discussed what I visioned about my education and career, I was literally impressed by his mentoring skills. He recommended me to attend few of the demo sessions to help me understand the requirements.

Though I did not go through the entire program, it was a wonderful experience to meet Vijay and Confluence team.


Saheli Mukherjee
Rating :

Got to learn a lot while working with confluence, as an intern… It has a really cooperative and understanding working atmosphere and all the staffs are very friendly, welcoming and works dedicatedly for the students to help them achieve their dreams. Had a really nice experience being a part of the team..
All the best

Aishwarya Kandikattu
Rating :

Been thinking to write a review for a long time. Its been a year for me in Australia. After deciding on doing masters in abroad I was really clueless about the procedure on how to apply or where to start? I was going through all the google reviews for a consultancy and when I came across Confluence Educational Services we immediately contacted them. They responded with such patience as I mentioned I have no idea which documents are needed or any other information. Sai Charan Teja V was assigned to me and he took such care in choosing the universities… Read more »

Ravi kiran
Rating :

We came to know about Confluence Education through a friend and we have applied for a student visa for the UK. Yadava Reddy was assigned to take care our Visa and he did a splendid job to make sure that we go through the process smoothly and helped us with the credibility interview and English language test and visa interview. If we have to suggest we only take confluence education name it’s a go-to place for education visa in Hyderabad. Thank you confluence and Yadava Reddy.

Nerella Naveen Krishna
Rating :

I came to Know about CONFLUENCE by my friend and contacted them.Great place, great people. Will help you with everything. Right from choosing the University to VISA approval. Sai Charan Teja was assigned to me and he was very cordial, experienced and super fast in getting things done. Delay used to be from my side but he was always responding and used to follow up to get the things done fast.I got my study visa for Australia.
Would recommend everyone to approach Confluence as they are highly experienced and professional.

Aishwarya Borde
Rating :

I did my internship at Confluence Education for a month. During my internship, I learned a lot about studying in various countries, the procedures for applying to various universities, the exams to be cracked, etc. During the internship period, I was given a chance to place my opinions. There was a friendly environment. I would recommend Confluence Education to all the students who are aiming to study abroad.

Rating :

To be frank my academic profile is mediocre, despite my average profile, the consultancy has got me an admission in couple of the TOP universities in USA, and helped a lot through my VISA process by conducting mock interviews.
I would super recommend it, and one will not regret joining here.

Sourab Reddy
Rating :

I had a lot of pressure to apply for a good university but, Confluence really aided me in each step and made the process quite easy and stress-free.I appreciate your friendly presence and kind assistance in addressing my situation.Your advice and guidance helped me think through and reach my goal. Thank you!

Rating :

Confluence has set a (and continues to improve on) standard in aiding students in pursuing their careers word’s best of universities of their requirements. I wasn’t sure if we need a counselor for higher studies, but when the time comes, it is best if you approach confluence and they not only save your time and effort but also put you up several notch up in the career path towards your goal. All the best.

Rating :

Very dedicated and professional team under Vijaya Solipuram, personalised guidance and attention to all details. Students have very good experience of ConfluenceEdu.

Rating :

Very professional team work under Vijaya Sena. You will get better information here and also good suggestions. They will work for right choice for students. Overall satisfied and better place to go abroad studies

Poonam Shravage
Rating :

Very dedicated and professional team under Vijaya Solipuram, personalised guidance and attention to all details. Students have very good experience of ConfluenceEdu.

Anil Rachamalla
Rating :

Everything about the Confluence is Pro. The People, Culture, and Process are best in Class. The best destination in Hyderabad for any who thinks of going abroad for Higher Studies. Kudo’s to Mr. Vijaya Sena Reddy Solipuram and his Team.

Veenay Verma
Rating :

I am an undergraduate student in statistics in NMIMS, Mumbai. I am interning Confluence Edu, Hyderabad since May ’18 ( a month now). I am really enjoying this workplace as colleagues here are lively and helpful. I got to learn and enhance my analytical and web designing skills. I understood the working of abroad education company quickly. The team here works hard to help students live their dream without hassle. I recommend students to work here and get exposure instead of wasting on nonproductive activities. I hope my limited contributions were helpful to Confluence’s growth.

aavula rakesh
Rating :

Assisted in each and every step throughout the process overall an excellent experience which made my work easier very special thanks to Mr.Rohith Reddy Nandikonda and Mr.Charan Teja Vemulapalli for supporting me at every phase. Good Luck guys and keep serve students and help all.

Rating :

Assisted in each and every step throughout the process. Overall an excellent experience which made my work easier.

Rama Krishna Reddy
Rating :

The staff all are cooperative,friendly and welcoming. The confluence team stand by their core values. They provides a great level of clarity and information.

Srikanth Gajula
Rating :

It was an amazing experience with Confluence, Even though am an IT Employee and the pressure of applying for different universities and continuous follow up with the universities and updating me with the essentials needed.Finally The Visa got approved for Central Queensland University Sydney campus.I would like to thank for all the team members at Confluence.

Rakesh Reddy
Rating :

I am glad to inform you that my visa for Australia has been granted. I am extremely happy with the counseling services and the kind of support I got from Mrs.Santoshi I advise all the aspirants to approach Confluence Overseas Consultants to get the correct guidance and services to decide your future destination.

Krishna Reddy nusum
Rating :

Went through counselling and assisted me to understand well. All the best Confluence.

T Madhuri
Rating :

Good Guidance from the Confluence team. I hope it helps me in deciding my career destinations.

G Susmitha
Rating :

Glad to attend Confluence Education fair at our College. Thanks for creating awareness among us about abroad education opportunities and various job opportunities available.

G Siddhartha
Rating :

I tried very hard to get good enough score for Canada, but unfortunately didn’t get. So, I dropped my plan for abroad education. I really feel lucky to get a call from Confluence Edu, now I am applying for masters in Mechanical engineering in Australia. Thank you confluence team for showing me direction.

K Divya Reddy
Rating :

Thanks for the information and guidance you have given. It will help me in deciding my destination for higher studies.

karan rao
Rating :

I am really happy to say this confluence is best in Hyderabad. They assisted me as my best buddy and I am pleased by there work. I suggest every one to at least visit once this office to get real support and experience. Thank you Confluence for playing a great role to reach my dream destination.

Madhuri P
Rating :

I got all my doubts cleared. Satisfied with the counselling. Thanks for the guidance and information provided

Harish .V
Rating :

Had a great great session with confluence team. Its truly amazing and fruitful interaction knowing about overseas education and further career opportunities.

V prasanna
Rating :

Had a great experience attending counselling from confluence. Looking forward for the applications.

purella surya tejaswi
Rating :

I got to know about Confluence consultancy from one of my friend . I applied for u.k universities. I got offer letter from University of Bedfordshire . Guidance is very good from faculty. Thanks a lot Confluence team. I would definitely recommend Confluence to students planning for overseas education.

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