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For all the study abroad technology leadership students. Here is a brief about the course What all are the requirements? Where does one get a job after pursuing this degree? etc. TLM(Technology Leadership Management) is in demand as technology is embedded in every domain of our life. Our platform will help you to achieve your goal of studying TLM abroad.

What is technology leadership?

Firstly, Technological leadership is the act of commitment to the deliverance of technology facilities and empowering the environment that can support their application in the classroom instruction to promote learning among students. Secondly, It involves the improvement of the instructional roles of presenters through the establishment of technological facilities and coordinating their operation for the success of instructional goals.

In other words, it is a leadership skill that requires both knowledge and vision of technology with the capability to imagine how technology might affect organizational dynamics.

Technology Leadership as a field of study

In the first place, TLM is the business discipline for building and handling organizations and teams to solve problems and get results. Moreover, The TLM degree aims at constructing introductory leadership skills in communication, goal management, asset alignment, team organization and project supervision.

Employment and Career opportunities

After the successful completion of Masters in TLM, one can secure his/her career in the following sectors.

  • Automotive
  • Technology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Healthcare
  • Biotechnology

Following would be the roles of a TLM grad

  • Operations Manager
  • Technology Project Leader
  • Program Manager
  • Director of HR Technology and Innovation
  • Senior Director of Marketing Technology
  • Global Transportation Technology Director

The Nokia Story

Nokia was once a leader in the mobile phone market around 1998. So why did it not perform in the smartphone market? Well, the answer to this question is. Since the very beginning, Nokia never compromised in its build quality. But Nokia being a top seller never wanted to adapt to the changes that occurred in this market, they never wanted to change their outdated strategies, this resulted in their loss and defaming, although companies like Samsung, Lenovo, Micromax were in fame during the early stage of smartphones, eventually, Samsung led the market the only reason behind this was great research about what their users want. Even today, Nokia builds smartphones, but the biggies in the game have already taken over the market. 

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