Telecommunication Management

Telecommunication Management

Telecom Management is a for who have completed their bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. Telecom Management prepares students for careers in telecommunications and information technology in all functional fields.

Telecommunication Management subjects

Principles of Management

Business Law

Business Economics

Entrepreneurship Development 

Managerial Statistics

Services Marketing 

Business Ethics

Sales and Distribution Management 

Marketing Management

Industrial Discipline 

Human Resource Development

Cost and Management Accounting 

Organisational Behaviour

DBMS and Oracle 

Basic Financial Accounting

Business Modelling 

Networking and Telecom Technology 

Fundamentals Telecom Marketing 

Wireless Technology

Telecom Security 

Broadband Communications

Security and QoS Management 

Telecom Business Essentials 

Telecom Billing Mechanism 

Convergence and Next Generation Networks 

Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management 

Internet working Technology

Current Trends in Telecom Sector 

Telecommunication Management Prospects

The activities related to Telcom must require a Telecom Engineer, and this clearly indicates that this field has good and unending career prospects. Job security is one of the major advantages for Telecom Engineers.

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