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Why Study in USA

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The United States of America is the world’s foremost destination for students. It has the highest number of international students across all countries and not without reason. Following are some of the cornerstones found in American education.

  1. Flexibility

Sometimes, a student may find a course interesting initially but may realise it is not their cup of tea during the course. Otherwise, while a student may be passionate about a course, they may not have many employment opportunities in the specific area they want to work in. Thus, they will need to design a course that is exactly suitable to their needs. This is something that is offered in the US right from the UG level and is one of the flagship advantages of a US education.

  1. Breadth and Depth

An education in the US almost always offers two things to students — breadth across areas of a disciplines (sometimes even across disciplines) and depth in any area that the student wishes. What this ensures is a rounded education that not only enhances and cements the student’s understanding of their course, but also provides great opportunities after their study.

  1. Networking

All major employers in the world and the most established universities in the world, have outreach programs in US Universities to ensure they can absorb the best talents as and when they finish their education. This helps the student to pick and choose from the best in the world, regardless of their choice of future. The friendships they build in college will also be across borders and will serve as connections for life.

  1. People and Culture

The US is an extremely diverse country and this is reflected in their student body and in their faculty. Thus, students will get an opportunity to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds, across age groups. This is something that is very valuable as the student goes forward in life, as the world continues to become a global village.

5. Economy’

The US is a highly developed mixed economy. It is the world’s largest economy by nominal GDP and second largest by purchasing power parity. The US economy has a high focus on manufacturing. This indicates a high level of industry especially in areas of steel, petroleum, agro machinery, telecom, automobiles and air plane manufacturing.


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