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49 - Undergrad Abroad for Indian Students - Easy Guidelines

Undergrad Abroad for Indian Students – Easy Guidelines

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Undergrad in Abroad for Indian Students - Easy Guidelines

UnderGrad in abroad

Deciding to pursue bachelor’s abroad can be an empowering decision. But the crux of the issue is how one goes about applying to colleges abroad. Applications procedure for Universities outside India are very different from how it works here and it is beneficial for the student to consult experts in the field. At Confluence, the student gets to interact with facilitators and counsellors with over a decade of experience. But how exactly does Confluence help a student get to where they want to go?

Counsellor for undergrad admissions

The most important person in the applications procedure, aside from the student, is the counsellor. The counsellor is the person who helps the student find out whether a certain program may be of interest. Collects school transcripts and teacher recommendations and so on. A full list of the functions of the counsellor can be found here. Confluence can help provide experienced counsellors and thus help the student maximise their potential.

University Shortlisting for undergrad

In just the US, there are more than 3000 Universities and trying to select the best suited Universities can be a daunting task. This is best done by the student and the counsellor together. While rankings do matter, sometimes the best ranked Universities may not be the student’s ideal “fit.” This is therefore, an important part of the applications procedure and it helps greatly that not only does Confluence have trusted tie ups with international educational organisations like the British Council but also with Universities themselves. Thus, students can get a first hand idea of the Universities they have in mind and can make an informed choice

Financial and Funding Opportunities

College education can sometimes seem very expensive, but there are many funding opportunities that are available to students if they know where to look. Some countries offer financial assistance based on the economic position of the student apart from their merit. There are also loan options and scholarship organisations that can help students. Student can sit with parents, decide how they want to plan their finances and then students can apply for the necessary funding opportunities.

Test Preparation at your pace

As with all college applications, there are some standard tests that are required. Any test for English proficiency (such as the TOEFL or the IELTS) and a standardised test (in case of US) is also required. These are reputed tests and although may seem easy, require some amount of practise, since they test very differently compared to how Indian students are normally tested. At Confluence, test prep is one of the salient features of the counselling program and students will also be made to take many drills in order to perform effectively on these tests. While tests may not be the deciding factor for admission, it certainly boosts the chances of gaining an acceptance.

Essays for quality output

One area where the applications process is significantly different, is the writing task. There is always some writing component involved in these applications and these may vary from a seemingly simple Statement of Purpose to detailed creative and non creative essays as well (such as for the US). These sections help the admissions committee get to know the student and are of paramount importance in deciding on the student’s application. Counsellors will go over the essay drafts of the applicants and analyse these essays from an admissions officer’s perspective; something that can benefit applicants immensely.

Interview Preparation to bring out the best in you

One of the latter stages of the process is the interview. Normally, these interviews are conducted over Skype and depending on the interviewer and the applicant’s profile, the length and the content of the interview varies. For some colleges, an interview call itself may mean higher chances of acceptance. Counsellors can help students with interview etiquette and how to approach this section of the process. Special emphasis will be given to Visa interviews and the students will be coached on a variety of aspects so as to ensure a smooth Visa approval.

Broadly, these are the different sections of the applications procedure. At Confluence, not only do we provide these services at our offices but we provide identical services for outstation students as well. We are happy to conduct regular sessions through Skype and details of the same can be found here.
Contact us for any enquiry and we promise an enjoyable and hassle free applications procedure before you begin your journey of higher education.

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