Educational counselling for student support and career guidance

The growth of a University is influenced by many factors, but most importantly, the experience and the education that the students receive are integral. In this regard, a university that strives to provide the best exposure and options to it’s students, academically and co scholastically, grows the fastest. Both, in terms of student body and reputation. At Confluence, we are on the lookout for such Universities which wish to be future ready, today.

What does Confluencebring to the table?

We bring to the table a new joint program through which Universities can collaborate with Confluence and the students can benefit from Confluence's services ranging from educational counselling to student support and career guidance. We are even willing to work with individual departments in colleges thus offering a more stylised program. We have a successful track record of providing services in the areas of educational counselling, graduate school admissions counselling, internship opportunities, career counselling and planning and goal mapping. Thus, students will be able to make the most of their educational experience.

BenefitsOf the Program

Students gain greater exposure within the University and beyond.

Students can ask and answer questions about their future educational plans.

Universities can equip themselves in terms of quality and quantity of services provided.

The University can indulge in department based workshops and partnerships thereby steadily developing the department credibility, reputation and quality.

Universities help provide a rounded education thus increasing their engagement, visibility and enrolment.

Where can we gain moreinformation about this program?

We have a separate questionnaire for interested Universities which has been made from their perspective. Through this questionnaire we hope to analyse and understand the specific needs of the institution and help come up with a solution through this program. We are open for collaboration and are looking forward to this new interaction.

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