University of Advancing Technology

University of Advancing Technology


University of Advancing Technology (UAT) is an intimate technology University focused on educating students in advancing technology who desire to innovate for our future.

UAT is the technophile’s college experience—a community uniquely suited to provide students passionate about technology an ideal place to live and grow. UAT is a private and family-owned University that merges the values of the traditional academy with the modern technology campus, a fusion that enhances our ability to fulfill the mission of educating students in the fields of advancing technology who innovate for our future.

Learning at UAT extends from our students, staff and faculty to the institution itself. UAT’s dedication to learning is reflected in our efforts to create and develop new ways of learning that focus on the personal mission and vision of every member of the UAT community.

UAT strives to foster knowledge creation and achieve academic excellence. We are at the forefront of developing academic programs that focus on expanding new and rising technology, and tend to be unique among academia or emerge years ahead of other schools, such as Digital Arts, Creation & Simulation, Software Engineering, Cyber Security and Business & Innovation majors, as well as our established Game Studies majors that merged artistic and programming aspects long before other colleges chose that focus for themselves.

This technology University has the status of being among a select few 100 percent STEM-based universities in the nation. Our advancing technology degree programs are a benchmark of success within academia.

UAT is an ideal environment for technology students who value uniqueness and the power of advancing technology as well as the rigors of a traditional education. This fusion of the traditional academy with the technology-focused curricula creates a distinct, non-exclusionary University in which students learn to value their own uniqueness and the power of technology in education.

Requirements: IELTS: 6.5, TOEFL:80, GRE Waiver

Deadline: Rolling



Business Technology
Technology Innovation (MS)
Technology Leadership (MS)
Technology Studies


Digital Maker & Fabrication
Human Computer Interaction
Robotics & Embedded Systems
Virtual Reality


Cyber Security (MS)
Network Engineering
Network Security
Technology Forensics


Advertising Art
Digital Marketing
Digital Video


Game Art & Animation
Game Design
Game Production (MS)
Game Programming


Advancing Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence
Data Science
Software Engineering (MS)

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