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Visa processing for Germany

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Visa processing for Germany from India is tough to attain for students. The processing of Visa for Germany is aided by the German consulates in India. Students aspiring to study in Germany first have to sift through the list of German consulates in India and based on their city decide the best place to get their Visa for Germany from India.
We will discuss the basic process that you must undertake to successfully get your Visa.

Visa processing for Germany from India

A healthy window of 2 months is good for Visa processing for Germany. First, go through the list of German consulates in India and note the best one for you. Fill the form and attach the required documents like a cover letter and academic documents, then prepare for the interview. We suggest you don’t be late for your interview and suppose you are from New Delhi, find out the location of the German consulate in New Delhi and the area beforehand.
The interview is basically scheduled to check your personality and drive to take up a future study course. The gist is to understand your goals and clarity regarding your stay. Students are usually expected to cover those points very well since they must be well versed with the course of study and what they expect to learn.

German consulates in India

The 4 metro cities in India have the German consulates, Namely Kolkata, Chennai, New Delhi and Mumbai. Their addresses and phone numbers are available online but we suggest you proceed to call them after consulting us or going through their websites since most answers can be found beforehand.
We hope our little guide would help you early on in your process. At Confluence, we make sure that Visa processing for Germany becomes easy for you. Please feel free to contact anytime! 

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