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Visa Processing for USA

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If you wish to study inĀ USA then you must possess a F1 Visa for USA from India at least 30 days before your date of commencement of course. Visa processing for USA especially F1 Visa for USA from India takes at max 120 days. It is compulsory for students to hold an F1 or M1 student visa before starting their course. The type of visa is determined by the type of university you are going to be a part of. Traditionally students with academic goals are expected to have a F1 visa towards USA from India. Let’s learn more about the process required for getting a visa from India.

Visa processing for USA

The process begins by getting a special photograph for the DS-160 form that you have to fill. There are specific requirements for this photograph and you must ensure that your photo fulfills them. The DS-160 form is available online and it is important to fill it very carefully. Please make sure to note down the application number for future reference. After successful completion and submission of the DS-160 form to print out the confirmation slip and make sure you print the US visa form immediately since the link is disabled afterward.

Pay the application fees at an AXIS bank nearby (make sure that it is allowed to take this fees). F1 visa has fees of $160 and can only be submitted at an AXIS branch. Now you must book your appointment for an F1 visa at the USA consulates in India. Some consulates have special document requirements like prior submission of the I-20 form or other documents before the interview. Prepare for the interview and if you clear it you would get your visa within 2-3 days. A good database and training for US visa interview are needed and we assist our students through the whole process.

That marks the end of Visa processing towards USA. Visa processing for USA is a systematic process and it’s important to plan ahead for each step.

USA consulates in India

There are many USA consulates in India and accordingly, they have a huge line for getting a Visa interview. Location, as well as expected traffic at that particular consulate, must be known beforehand since there is a small window between getting your offer letter and flying date. It is important to prepare for the interview and be ready with the documents. A detailed and properly filled DS-160 form along with other documents is must for any Visa application, but students must ensure that they do not miss out on any stage in their preparation. New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai are the main cities for USA consulates in India and amongst them, all states of India have been divided. You must select your consulate according to the state you reside in.

This completes our introduction to the visa processing for the USA. Even though it’s a straightforward process, due to the many instructions and close date follow-ups it becomes a very stressful process. We would be happy to assist you through our whole process and our aim is to make sure that each of our students easily gets their F1 Visa for USA from India.

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