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Vocational Courses in Abroad Universities - Vocational Courses in Abroad Universities

Vocational Courses in Abroad Universities - Advantages

For students looking to secure a quick employment opportunity right after graduating, vocational courses have always been a great option. Or, if you’re someone who is interested in and wants to be a part of the service sector, this may be your cup of tea. A majority of Universities abroad offer vocational programs from broad to niche areas such that one can get into a relevant job without much hassle.

What is Vocational Education?

Vocational Education is any educational course/program/degree that seeks to help a student directly enter the workforce. IT imparts a specific skill to the student so that they may find a job soon after graduating. This job could be a a trade, or a craft or as a technician. While this may seem a quick way out, in many countries these jobs can earn a person up to a six figure sum annually (Germany) and many countries have a separate vocational educational system/pattern.

What are the advantages of Vocational Courses?

1. Vocational Courses are generally of a smaller duration than regular degree programs and thus are a great short cut for employment.

2. They are targeted programs that focus on one area or aspect of an industry so students can quickly gain skills that are precise and powerful.

3. Compared to degree programs, the cost of vocational education is much cheaper and hence this reduces the financial burden on the applicant.

4. Vocational Courses offer hands on exposure that a regular classroom cannot

When should students take up vocational courses?

Generally, vocational courses are taken up after a student completes high school, ie. instead of a bachelors degree program. However, students who hold a bachelors degree may also be admitted depending on the course, applicant and university.

What are some of the top educational destinations for vocational courses in the world?

The following countries have Universities that offer world class vocational educational programs:

1. USA
2. Canada
3. Australia

In the US for instance, community colleges are a separate network of colleges and a majority of their courses are vocational programs. These are two year programs and at the end of this a student can continue on to apply to a regular bachelors or take up a job in their relevant domain.

What are some of the most sought after vocational courses?

Vocational courses in the following areas are a great choice right now:

1. Agricultural technology

While this could simply be courses related to actual farming practises and land based procedures, there are also courses regarding horticulture technology and rural management to name a few.

2. Health Care

In the health care sector there are many people who closely work with doctors and surgeons and there exist a number of vocational courses to power this workforce. Some course options include nursing, massage therapy, nutrition, medical technician and medical office assisting to name a few.
3. Industry and Engineering

Large scale electrician requirements, contractors for land and real estate projects and carpentry are some of the courses available. Areas of engineering available include:

• Civil Engineering
• Marine Engineering
• Vehicle Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering

How do students apply for such courses? What are the application requirements?

At Confluence, we help students shortlist universities and prepare them throughout the application process. One stark difference between this and other college program applications procedure is that vocational courses do not require standardised tests. What that means is that applicants will not need to take any additional test like the SAT, GRE or the GMAT (as is the case with undergrad and grad school applications). They only need to send their high school transcripts.
However, most foreign universities will require an English Language Assessment so a test like the TOEFL or the IELTS is recommended.

What are the program titles that students obtain after graduating this course?

This varies depending on the country, institution and course but some general titles can be B.Voc, Certificate of Achievement (CA) or a Diploma.

Thus, vocational courses are a great option for industry driven students and can offers a hands on experience like no other course. They can certainly pave the way for a successful career and are a perfect fit for students looking to enter this workforce.

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