What Are Foreign Admissions Officers Looking For? By Siddh Veer Bakshi

What Are Foreign Admissions Officers Looking For?

The million-dollar question in the industry of college admissions: “What are foreign admissions officers looking for in your college application?” 

Your overall contribution to society

Along with SAT scores, school grades, extracurriculars, and your overall contribution to society, the college wants to get to know who you are better to understand whether you’ll be a good fit for the college. 

The diverse student body for their campus

Keep in mind that every college or university is more or less trying to attain a diverse student body for their campus. They want their academics, their athletes, their deep-thinkers, their art connoisseurs, their music enthusiasts, and so on. Naturally, everyone brings some or the other strengths to the university, and a good way to think of your application is to consider it a pitch as to what you will bring to that university. You want to display your strengths and interests in the process.

 Your interests and achievements

A good way to pitch yourself properly is to make a more holistic approach to your application. Your interests must have some parallels with your achievements. For example, if you like acting, having awards and recognition in that field will strengthen your application. Furthermore, displaying interest to participate with the university’s theater department or contributing to their program would make you a more interesting applicant. 

Direct communication with your officer is SOP and essay

The one place you can really directly communicate with the admissions officer is the college essay or statement of purpose. Around 500-650 words of absolutely anything you want to say to the officer. Since major of your application is numbers (scores) and words about your activities, the SOP is really that one place where you can tell the officer about who you are and not only what you’ve done.

Prove in SOP and Essay that they believe you have the capabilities to do something in today’s world

In conclusion, reflect on yourself and what your strengths are. Portray yourself in good light and sell yourself to the admissions committee. Don’t lie or falsify records in your application, instead, amplify and explain how what you’ve done has developed you and will help you strive towards the person you want to be. After all, colleges are looking for a passionate individual they believe has the capabilities to do something in today’s world.

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