Why everyone wants to Study in UK? FAQ

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Why did you choose to study in the UK?

They have high standards, have experts on many academic topics, and do well in international university rankings. Higher education in Britain has been a global benchmark for many years, with innovative teaching styles and modern facilities.

What makes UK a better place to study than other countries?

Shorter course duration

In the UK, education courses are shorter and more intensive than those in many other countries, so you’ll graduate faster without sacrificing quality. Undergraduate programs can be completed in three years, but graduate programs can be completed in one year.

Why do you want to go to the UK?

Education is one of the most popular reasons to travel to the UK. Thousands of international students have studied in the UK, so British universities have decades of experience working with international students.

What makes you want to study in the UK?

The purpose of a personal statement is to express what the student hopes to achieve on a UK university course, what they hope to do after the course, and why they are applying to this particular university. Your first chance to demonstrate a passion and understanding of your chosen subject away from exam results.

Is the UK a good place for international students?

Students from around the world choose to come to the UK because of its world-renowned reputation for academic excellence. Universities in the UK consistently rank among the best in the world, with three of the top 10 universities in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019.

Is it better to study in the UK or the US?

You can study a wide range of courses in the UK education system. The degree courses in the US are rigid. In the UK, degree courses are shorter than in the US.

Is UK education better than Indian education?

For undergraduate courses, India is a better option than the UK (based solely on cost). The UK definitely has an edge over India when it comes to graduate and doctoral studies.In India, education is more of a formality.

Is it safe for Indian students to study in the UK?

Most campuses provide 24-hour security. To ensure the safety of international students, most UK campuses have a special body.Don’t hesitate to contact your college authorities if, at any time, you feel unsafe on or around your campus.

Studying in the UK is it difficult?

Well, easy or hard is a subjective term – some find it easy, and some find it difficult. The majority of the students I know who have studied in the UK find it to be relatively easy.

Will I have homework like in high school?

Absolutely. While you will be assigned coursework and projects, unlike high school, no one will be there to hold your hand or tell you off if you don’t submit your work in time. When you are constantly distracted, finding the rigor and self-motivation to meet deadlines is one of the biggest challenges of university life.

What happens if I fail an exam or year?

Retakes may be possible if you fail a year, though your marks may be capped at 40% (that is, a third-class degree). In most cases, you would have to retake the entire year, drop out, or change subjects if you failed again. It is likely that failing an individual coursework assignment would only damage your grade average, though in some cases you may be allowed to resubmit. Whatever happens, you should be able to receive guidance and study tips from your student advisor.

What support will I get if I have a disability?

The answer is yes. Several British universities offer support for students with disabilities, including adapted accommodations, professional care staff, and learning support coordinators trained to help you succeed. Students with disabilities in the UK can also access material in Braille and other formats, as well as get extra time to complete coursework and exams.

Is the UK better than Canada and Australia?

Study Abroad destinations offer their own benefits – the UK is a great place to study and is trying to improve after graduation; Canada has a reputation for having lower costs overall for study and living; and Australia has a reputation for having a strong international scholarship program.

How many hours of class time should I expect each week?

Most full-time undergraduate courses in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland last for three years (four if you plan to study for a foundation degree). Four years is the norm in Scotland. Between 15 and 25 hours of work are possible class-time a week, though the exact number will vary a lot depending on your subject and institution.

Which country is better, the UK or the USA?

British people live (on average) two years longer than American people. A better social welfare system. The suicide rate in the UK (per capita) is half that of the United States. In the UK, the rate of death by medical negligence (per capita) is half that of the United States.

Is school harder in the UK than in the U.S.?

When it comes to tests and schools, there isn’t much difference between the UK and the US. There are tougher tests in the UK, but a laughable school grading scale, while the US has slightly easier tests but a stricter grading scale.

What is the net worth of India compared to the UK?

In 2019, India overtook the UK to become the fifth-largest economy in the world. However, it has fallen to the 6th spot in 2020. It said that India will become the world’s third largest economy by 2030, surpassing the UK in 2025, Germany in 2027 and Japan in 2030.

How valid is a degree from India in the United Kingdom?

For entry into most postgraduate courses, UK universities accept the Indian three-year graduation system. An Indian bachelor degree like B.A., B.Com., or B.Sc,. is equivalent to a British Bachelor (Ordinary) Degree. 

How does education in the UK compare to that in India?

IndiaUK EquivalentStudent age
SSC – 10th StdGCSE’s – (or ‘O’ Levels)14-16
HSC – 12th StdA-Levels16-18

How does the UK attract Indian students?

Studying in the UK offers Indian students an outstanding quality of education, countless choices, modern educational approaches, job opportunities, a bright future, relevant practice, and an overall exciting studying experience in one of the best countries in the world.

Does the UK have a safer environment than Canada?

The UK seems to be ahead when it comes to homicides and car accidents. Canada and the UK have murder rates of 1.68 per 100,000 people and 0.92 per 100,000 people, respectively. Canada’s car accident mortality rate is 6.0 against 2.9 per 100,000 residents each year. In all metrics, the UK is safer than Canada.

What is the cost of living in Canada versus the UK?

Consumer Prices including Rent in the United Kingdom are 0.06% higher than in Canada, while Local Purchasing Power in the United Kingdom is 3.43% lower than in Canada. While certain areas lag behind, you will have more expendable income in Canada than in the UK

How much does it cost to live in the UK while studying?

According to Numbeo (Cost of living database), the average cost of living in the UK is 5.44% lower than in the US, while rent is 20.97% lower. Depending on where you study in the UK, the exact amount will vary. As reported by the National Union of Students, the average cost of living in London is about £13,400 (~US$21,800), compared to £12,100 for the rest of England (~US$15,200). The University of Cardiff estimates that the average cost of living in Wales for students is about £7,300 (US$ 9,200), while the University of Edinburgh estimates the figure for Scotland to be about £15,400 (US$19,400). The Queen’s University Belfast estimates the cost of studying in Northern Ireland at £10,200 (US$12,800).


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